Fuengirola deepens connection with Finland with visit to Matka Tourism Fair in Helsinki

The Spanish Ambassador in Finland, Fernando Fernández-Arias, welcomes Fuengirola Mayor, Ana Mulas to the country for the Matka Tourism Fair. Photo credit: Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola (via email)

TOURISM fairs are getting underway across Europe ahead of the 2023 summer season. One fair not to be missed by Fuengirola was the Matka Nordic Tourism Fair in Helsinki.

Fuengirola Mayor, Ana Mula arrived in the Finnish capital for the tourism fair on Wednesday, January 19, where the Spanish Ambassador, Fernando Fernández-Arias welcomed her.

Spain and Finland have an excellent relationship, but Fuengirola has a particularly remarkable relationship with the country, as the top location for Finnish citizens living abroad. More than 5000 Finnish people reside in the city with many more visiting every year.

Mula and the local department for tourism’s presence at the fair was important in encouraging Finnish tourism, which is currently the third largest market for the country, as well as tourism from other Nordic countries.

Ana Mula thanked the Ambassador for his welcome, explaining the city’s presence at the fair was crucial to continue as a trailblazer in welcoming Finnish visitors and residents. She added that the country is proud to host so many Finnish visitors each year and to offer attractions that are popular with this community.