Cat skincare: How to treat dandruff and flaky skin in your cat

Some dandruff in cats is normal, but too much of it could be a sign of a problem and lead to fur loss if left untreated. Photo credit: RJ22 /

Cats and skincare, they’re not two words that are often found in the same sentence. But vets in Spain are warning cat owners to take better care of their cats skin after seeing an increase of cats with dandruff and other skin problems.

Today, we’re sharing some advice to help you to treat dandruff and dry skin in your cat during the winter.

Dandruff causes

Think about it, cats are covered in fur, so their whole bodies are like a scalp. This means they are prone to skin issues when dead skin sheds and becomes lodged in their fur. Small amounts of dandruff are common, but skin flaking is a cause for concern as this can lead to inflammation, irritation and hair loss.

Dandruff and flaky skin can come from a diet that isn’t as nutritious as our cats need, putting on extra weight, particularly during the winter, dry skin and parasites or skin infections.

Treatment advice

If you notice your cat has more dandruff than usual it is important to see your vet as they can likely identify the cause of the problem. Vets can recommend the changes to your cat’s routine or diet necessary as well as special dandruff shampoos to treat the problem.

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