Roulette: Inside bets 101

Have you ever wondered what the term ‘inside bet’ means in a game of Roulette?

Whether you’ve heard it or read it on sites such as, or another casino website, you may still be unsure as to what it refers to.

Fear not, as we’re about to give you a quick rundown of what an inside bet actually is, and how you can place a few in a game or two of Roulette.

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What is an inside bet?

If you were to look at a Roulette table layout, you’ll notice the main section of the layout is comprised of a table filled with a single number in each. Each of those numbers is also found to be in either a red or black font, or depending on the table design, the numbers could be in red or black circles within the box. The boxed layout contains numbers from 0 to 36.

This is the area you can place a wager on a single number, if that’s the bet you wish to place. As all these single numbers can be found within the wheel, this section is called the inside bet area.

What is an inside bet?

Now you know where on the Roulette table layout you can place an inside bet, lets take a look at what inside bets you could place down within a game or two of this casino classic.

Straight Up

As mentioned before, the inside bet area is where you’re able to place a wager on a single number, if this is what you wish to do. When placing a betting chip(s) on a single number, this is what’s known as a straight up bet.

You can choose from any of the numbers displayed on the table from 0 to 36. When placing a straight up bet, be sure to place your betting chip(s) in the centre of your desired number’s box. If it’s touching the edges of the box, this could be seen as a different bet type placed, rather than a straight up.

The betting odds for a straight up bet is 35:1.


If you cannot decide between two numbers, and they happen to be next to each other on the table layout – either to the side of each other or above and below – you could place what’s known as a split bet.

To place a split bet, you’ll need to place your betting chip(s) on the line between the two numbers you wish to place a wager on. It’s good to note here, that although the numbers are next to each other on the table, this doesn’t mean the numbers are next to each other on the Roulette wheel.

The betting odds for a split bet is 17:1.


A snake bet has been given its name due to the serpent-like shape created when this bet type is placed onto the table.

To place a snake bet you’ll need to place a betting chip(s) in each of the following boxes: 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32 and 34.

The betting odds for a snake bet are 2:1.

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