Wrapping up: Your guide to deciding on a dog coat for your four-legged friend

Dog coats don’t always need to be trendy, but they do need to do their job in keeping your furry friend warm. Photo credit: Masarik / shutterstock.com

THE cold snap in weather across Spain has caused problems for us as humans, let alone for our four-legged friends. The freezing temperatures have left many of us wondering, are dog coats a good idea to keep our canines nice and cosy?

Today, we’re sharing some advice on how to use a dog coat.

Needs must

The first thing to consider is whether your dog needs a coat. Despite some advice not to put a coat on your dog, experts say a dog coat can be necessary when temperatures drop, particularly if your dog doesn’t have much fat or fur.

Size matters

Small dogs like chihuahuas, short-haired dogs like boxers, thin dogs like greyhounds and older dogs often need coats during the winter to stay warm.

Function not fashion

Dog clothes should perform a role in keeping them warm, this is more important than fashion accessories which could even be harmful for your dog.

Vets often recommend woollen coats, or coats lined with wool thanks to this material’s cosy texture, anti-allergic characteristics and since it is machine washable. Fleece and cotton are also good choices.

Safety first

If you’re dressing your dog in a coat, vets recommend checking on your dog during and after its use, to make sure it’s not too cold, overheating or uncomfortable.