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Crossword lovers

I just wanted to let you know that the crossword is one of my favourite things to do during the week, I go down to a little bar in the port order myself a beer and a tapa, bring the dog along with me, enjoy the sun and relax while keeping my brain occupied with the crossword. Sometimes the hubby will come along but he’ll put something in pen rather than pencil and of course it’s wrong! when he does that though he orders me a dessert to make up for it so we can excuse it…. sometimes.

Vannesa, Marbella

Great Expectations

I totally agree with Nicole, owning or working in the hospitality industry is a completely different kettle of fish. Having worked in hospitality for years nobody tells you when you first start or probably knows what it is like unless you have done it. The aching legs you get after a shift, trying to keep going and smile while you’ve already done 10 hours and have another 2 hours at least to go to close. Shout out to all the people that work in hospitality you are angels and deserve more credit.

Sinead, Benidorm

Astonishing Generosity

Wow! How incredible is it that Alan Boardman donated €1,000 to Kay Millington’s cause. It is amazing to see the community do what it does and rally around someone who is doing a good deed. I can’t wait to hear more about this. Congratulations young lady and I wish you the best of luck!

Kelly, Fuengirola


And that’s just exactly what Siggi Wilzig is, to read such a story and to see how he came from the bottom all the way up to the top is incredible. His book is in my basket just waiting for me to hit buy. Just imagine yourself doing what he did. What he had to go through, it is the most amazing story and I can’t wait to read more about it. Thank you for bringing light to this, he is an inspiration and I think this could help a lot of young people today if they picked up the book too.

Martyn, Costa Blanca South

Loopy Lea

I really despair at the utterly ridiculous right wing comments made week after week by loopy Lee. This time it is the bosses of the trade unions affiliated to the Labour Party and

their pay grade but to say they are using the nurses, ambulance drivers and everyone else on strike as fodder to line their own pockets is absolute rubbish , yes we all agree that many at the top are overpaid but why not pick on the ones at the top that are causing the strikes, many hundreds of CEO’s pay themselves in excess of 100 times the average British worker ( I read recently where the owner of a betting chain pocketed the equivalent of £600 an hour). Most of these top dogs have no problem donating millions to the Tory Party but can’t find a little extras to pay their employees, it is easily understandable whose side the government are on and why the huge gap in equality is a main reason behind the unrest why these workers are on strike . Union bosses regardless of their income are fully behind the people they are paid to represent not using them as fodder, it’s time loopy Lee living on the back of his one hit wonder for years turned his little arrows in a different direction.

Ramon Osborne, Los Alcazares

Right again

Again you’ve got it right in my view Leapy. You said the previous week about some people stating their rights, overlooking that rights go hand in hand with ”responsibilities” and with regard to union demands you only have to remember that when ”Steam traction ” finished in September 1968 the unions wanted the ”Firemen to accompany the Driver in Diesel and Electric locomotives, well that’s progressive thinking for you , well said Mr Lee.

Barry & Pauline READING


Best Seller

More like can it get any better…. and now we’re probably going to get a part 2 and round 2 of the Harry waves all over again. I will say though that I am glad that it is more about him this time rather than Meghan. I just think that some things are better left unsaid or for private conversations and not for the world to know. I can never look or think about Elizabeth Arden ever again. So much for my new Christmas presents…. grrr

Bailie, Coin

Truly selfless

I can’t believe that these selfless firefighters who worked at the Grenfell Tower are suffering such an awful thing like cancer. Not enough is done for these men and women who put their lives out on the line every day. To think that they have saved so many lives just to have this happen. I wish them only the best and if they can recover, a very speedy recovery.

Jeff, Manilva

Electric Vehicles

I just don’t know what to think about them, they don’t make any noise, I never see any charging ports for them and whenever I am in one it doesn’t have the same feeling as a diesel or unleaded car. I’m not surprised that they have been deemed as unsuitable. I don’t think we are ready for them yet; we don’t have the facilities for them, and the charging stations are also known to be very expensive. I think I will stick with my wee diesel it has done me the world of good and I have had the car for over 10 years now.

Thanks, Tony

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