Spain’s life expectancy bounces back to above 83 years after dip during the pandemic

Spain’s quiet and peaceful lifestyle is often credited for the country’s lengthy life expectancy which has returned to above 83 years. Photo credit: grandbrothers /

SPAIN is well-known for its lengthy life expectancy and the good news is, it keeps rising. And the latest data from the Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE), and the EM-Electromania Group breaks down the life expectancy by autonomous region, with Madrid in first place.

The most recent data collected from 2021, released on Thursday, January 26 show an increase in life expectancy from 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic struck, to a stunning 83.07 years. This was an increase on 2020’s average of 82.33 years, but remained slightly below the 2019 average of 83.58 years.

When broken down by autonomous region, Madrid leads by longevity of life expectancy. The Community of Madrid has a staggering life expectancy of 84.6 years. Second on the list was Navarra with an average of 84.3 years, while Castilla y León came third with an average of 83.9 years.

At the other end of the scale, overseas territories, Ceuta and Melilla had the lowest life expectancies at 78.5 and 79.8 years respectively. They were the only regions to have life expectancies below the age of 80.