Explosive revelation as suspect is arrested in Castilla y León town in connection with letter bombs

A suspect was arrested in sleepy Miranda de Ebro in Castilla y León, in connection with the letter bomb campaign that shocked the country last December. Photo credit: David Herraez Calzada / shutterstock.com

POLICE in Spain have arrested a suspect in connection with the letter bombs sent to several significant addresses in the country, including the Prime Minister and the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid.

The suspect, a 74-year-old retired man, was arrested in Miranda de Ebro, a town near to Burgos, in the north east of Castilla y León province. Police made the arrest on Wednesday, January 25 in connection with the explosive packages sent back in November and early December of last year.

Making the arrest, Spain’s Ministry of the Interior released a statement saying, “This investigation remains open and a search of the suspect’s house is currently underway”.

The letters are believed to have been sent to strategic locations relating to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, in a violent protest against Spain’s support for Ukraine.

The news came just days after reports from US intelligence experts that the letter bombs had been sent by an ultra-nationalist, far-right group in Russia, tasked with sending the explosives by the Kremlin or other high-ranking officials.