Looking to invest in Crypto at the Pre-sale Stage? Here are 5 strong choices

Looking to invest in Crypto at the Pre-sale Stage? Here are 5 strong choices

When cryptocurrencies are in pre-sale, they seek investments from the public, raising both the value and the profile of their coin. This beginning stage is an exciting time for new currencies, as it allows them to stretch their proverbial legs, and build a community. The pressure is on for new coins to establish themselves, and set new trends. Some offer collectable NFTs, while others donate to charity. Keeping in touch with their community, the organisations behind new coins are vying to stand out from the competition, in whatever way they can.

Today we’re going to look at five pre-sale success stories, and hopefully, give you a clearer understanding of your options as a prospective investor.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG): New Meme Coin Trending Strongly

Taking on the identity of a “meme coin”, Big Eyes focuses its attention on creating a friendly and accessible aesthetic, based on a series of cartoons. Offering users NFTs, merchandise, the ability to calculate what their investment is worth in USD, and with the hopes of donating 5% of their wallet to ocean-based charities, Big Eyes appear to have a very keen understanding of what the younger generation is interested in.

Having raised $18 million in their pre-sale stage, with the hopes of hitting their $50 million target, Big Eyes has set some very high standards for the competition around them. Their focus on community give-back and dialogue has generated a cult-like following online. Sometime later this year, the coin will be launching, and it’s on a steady incline towards being a major player on the scene, and in the stocks.


Filecoin (FIL): Storage Network that is safe & effective

Filecoin is a decentralised storage network that promises to build a safe and more effective method to store and retrieve data. Their service really highlights the significance of pre-sales. Without a doubt, the Filecoin presale in 2017 was a success, with the project garnering more than $200 million from institutional and retail investors. The project’s inaugural ICO sold out during the presale in just an hour, which was remarkable for its tremendous demand.

The cryptocurrency has since lost nearly 98% of its value from its height, and given its present situation, it is simple to see how the crypto meltdown has affected it. The success of its presale makes it a crucial signal of the profitability of new currencies like Big Eyes Coin, but more significantly, its presale investors are still in profit, despite post-launch losses.

Fight Out (FGHT): Presale Coin to take note of

Fight Out is another of the major cryptocurrency pre-sales to be aware of. The presale for Fight Out has already been a smashing success, raising an incredible $3 million since it began in December 2022.

Users who do physical exercises are rewarded by this M2E phenomenon. The REPS, the ecosystem’s off-chain money, are awarded to users of the Fight Out app for their movements. Once users have amassed sufficient REPS, they may use them to buy goods from the shop, including clothing and vitamins.

The aims of Fight Out to transform the fitness sector don’t end there. Along with rewarding customers for improving their fitness, the development team intends to launch 20 actual Fight Out gyms. These gyms will be outfitted with cutting-edge equipment and serve as a social hub for app users.

RobotEra (TARO): Metaverse meets Cryptocurrency

Robots running a metaverse galaxy? What could be more sci-fi than that! Robots are the primary NFTs minted in RobotEra, and the web3 metaverse turns players into robots – offering plenty of excitement and new content. The P2E game features seven factions, each of which has special qualities – the only way to explore is to play!

In the first stage of its presale, RobotEra is allowing investors to purchase TARO tokens for $0.020 per token. There is a time restriction on how long this pricing may be guaranteed. Investors will continue to be able to purchase tokens at a discount even after the second round of the presale has begun.

Since TARO tokens are still in the presale stage, investors cannot buy them on exchanges. Investors can acquire them via the RobotEra website instead. However, after the presale, investors will have access to the tokens. These tokens won’t be added to users’ crypto wallets until the presale phases are ultimately over.

LuxWorld (LUX): Potential option for ICO Options

LuxWorld is a viable option for investors who haven’t yet identified the ideal ICO cryptocurrency for their portfolio. The T2E (travel to earn) business model used by this initiative is supported by LUX tokens. Stage four of the presale has brought in $1.5 million.

Early adopters may already purchase 125 LUX tokens for $1 per token. The LuxWorld platform attempts to combine blockchain technology’s potential with the tourist and travel industry. Social-Fi is one of the key focuses of this web3 T2E software.

By purchasing baggage NTFs and checking in when travelling, members of the LuxWorld community may earn LUX tokens. Up till now, LuxWorld has worked with with several companies. Included in this is 5km, a maker of M2E climate change apps– which shows how strongly this project is trending.

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