Vera prepares to serve the national tennis community by hosting the MAPFRE Beach Tennis Championships in May

Vera is set to be in the sporting spotlight once again by hosting the MAPRE National Beach Tennis Championships in May. Photo credit: Indalo Beach Tennis (Via Facebook)

VERA is warming up to hold the MAPFRE National Beach Tennis Championships this summer. The championships will return to the town from Friday, May 26 and again from Friday, June 30 for two weekends of competitive fun.

Announcing the news on Monday, January 30, the council congratulated Indalo Beach Tennis club for projecting the town into the international sports sphere.

This year will be the 21st edition of the event and its fourth in Vera, which brings elite level national beach tennis players to the town for the championship, and to enjoy the summer weather in surrounding areas.

This year’s event will be spread across two weekends with the singles and doubles events taking place from Friday, May 26 until Sunday, May 28 before the youth and veteran disciplines one month later from Friday, May 30 until Sunday, June 2.

The stakes are high for this year’s competition with the first prize increasing to a whopping €4000. The competition is a crucial date on the national tennis calendar and is sponsored by the Real Federación Española de Tenis.