Fur no more: Try these handy tips and tricks to get pesky pet fur out of your clothes

Prepare your clothes for the washing machine before letting the fur get embedded in the fabric. Photo credit: Creative Cat Studio / shutterstock.com

FLUFFY and soft, your pets’ luscious coat is one of its best features! But that doesn’t mean you want pet fur all over yourself and your lovely furniture. Today we’re bringing you some top tips and tricks to help you in the battle to get pet fur out of your clothes.

Solid strategy

As nice as it would be to have a washing machine that does all the work for you, removing pet hair from your clothes takes a bit of work. Prepare your clothes for the washing machine by doing a quick once-over with a fabric brush or lint roller. Other tricks include rubbing clothes with latex gloves or even tape to pick up loose fur.

Household hacks

Pet owners swear by vinegar as a tool to get fur out of clothes. Vinegar can soften clothing fabric, making fur much easier to get out.

Clean equipment

Don’t make your job harder than it needs to be, wipe down your washing machine and dryer often to stop fur residue getting stuck to your next load of washing.

Specialist products

There are lots of products on the market designed specifically to remove pet fur from clothes, by catching it in the washing machine or pet-specific dryer sheets to loosen fur from clothes.

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