Rub-a-dub pup: Follow this expert advice to get your dog through winter baths

Bathing your dog during the winter might not be your favourite activity but follow these tips for a smoother ride! Photo credit: masarik /

RUBBER duckies at the ready, it’s time to give your furry friend a bath! Love it or loathe it, bath time is a key part of having a dog, and in the winter it can be a little harder to get your pet into the bath. Today we’re bringing you some vet-approved tips on how to get your dog squeaky clean despite the cooler temperatures!

How often?

While your dog might love to splash around in the summer to cool off, the bath is less appealing in the winter. Experts recommend bathing your dog no more than once a month during winter, but it’s important to brush your dog down more often.

Gently does it

If bathing isn’t your dog’s favourite activity, introduce it to the water slowly. Start by wetting your hand and running it through its fur. Next try a water-soaked sponge before moving into the bathtub. Experts also recommend talking to your dog in a gentle voice throughout to calm any nerves and prevent aggressive nervous behaviour, like biting.

The aftermath

Reward your dog for good behaviour with a treat after the bath and make sure you have a warm, dry towel on hand to help your pup dry off quickly.

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