Bus brilliance in Elche with nearly ten million passengers travelling by bus in 2022

More passengers than ever before are opting to travel by bus around Elche, with nearly ten million passengers recorded in 2022. Photo credit: FRANCISGONSA / shutterstock.com

ELCHE has proved its commitment to sustainability and the environment, transporting nearly ten million passengers by bus in 2022. The figures released on Thursday, February 2 are a 23 per cent improvement on figures from the previous year.

A total of 9.9 million passengers travelled by bus in Elche during 2022. Local Councillor for Public Transport, Esther Díez explained, “This data reflects a return to normality after the pandemic, with passengers returning to public transport”. Díez believes 2023 will be another crucial year in achieving the city’s public transport goals.

Elche City Council has been trying to incentivise local residents to travel by bus as it is more sustainable that travelling in their own vehicle. Policies include a free and reduced ticket price scheme, which meant that 60 per cent of users travelled for free, and another 20 per cent used a long-term discounted subscription.

Data also revealed that the city’s B line bus was the most popular service in 2022, with 1.3 million passengers opting to travel on it.

After national legislation changes on Tuesday, February 7, wearing a mask on public transport will no longer be mandatory.