The Angelic Medium: My card pull of the week is Trust your Path

The Angelic Medium: My card pull of the week is Trust your Path

The Angelic Medium: My card pull of the week is Trust your Path. Image: Emma McGrath

Now we have come to the end of January that brought a lot of us challenges, changes and fear. You may be feeling a sense of why is this happening to me? I don’t understand or I feel alone?

The answer is the universe puts us in a position in our life path that removes any negative energies that may include, relationships, family, friendships and work opportunities, to clear your path for your true purpose in life. Now at this time you may be feeling on a low vibration and loss of faith however, if it was that easy to get to your main goal in life you would never learn the lessons that we are all here to learn.

Each of us has a purpose a gift that we are given at birth and it is our job to work out what that is, this all starts with our mind set. If we wake up in the morning and feel like every day is the same or you are not happy with the way your life is going then you have the power to change it. This all starts with you. It’s the little goal settings that will help you lift you. When you go to bed at the end of each day and you start counting the things in your head what you haven’t done, this causes the reaction of over thinking and this starts of Anxiety if you go to bed and start counting the things you have done even if it is the smallest thing then you have a win. Count the things you have achieved and be grateful, the more gratitude you have the more you will receive.

So, lets start with goal setting. I find it really helpful to physically write down my goals for the year. then gradually start to break down how I am going to achieve them. I find doing this on a weekly bases is manageable. Every Sunday I think of 3 things I want to achieve this week weather its  making the beds every morning (my house is so busy in the morning trying to get 3 boys ready and off to school. On time) or making sure I have time for my self even if it just 15mins in the morning to do my affirmation. Once I have achieved my weekly goals it resets my mindset in to a positive state which attracts positive vibrations in to my life which will help me achieve my bigger goals and start ticking off my goals for the year.

Right, back to the card, “trust your path” the universe always has your back keep on going you will always get to where you are meant to be and keep the faith. If you knew you would be supported what would you do? I’m going to leave you with that question, set goals and count your little wins!

If you would like to know more or have a reading please go to my website to book your very own session with myself you can find me on Instagram @theangelic.medium or visit my website. sending lots of love your friend Emma.

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