Bold Price Predictions: Ripple to surge 50x, Avalanche eyes $30 and Big Eyes Coin targets $1 post-launch

Bold Price Predictions: Ripple to surge 50x, Avalanche eyes $30 and Big Eyes Coin targets $1 post-launch

There’s been an upward shift in the prices of cryptocurrencies in the last 24 hours. The market has also seen a reasonable amount of stability within that time frame. This has got many crypto analysts bringing out the graphs and calculators to make bold assertions about what the future may hold for certain coins already showing promise.

Ripple (XRP) gained only .02 percent from 0.38 to 0.40, but it is attracting some of the most extreme forecasts, while Avalanche (AVAX) and Big Eyes Coin (BIG) remain bullish.

Ripple set to cause a wave

By the end of June, the price of Ripple’s XRP is anticipated to reach $23.80, predicts the eponymous analyst CryptoBull on Twitter. The token’s value at the time of writing is $0.39, indicating that a rise of 6000% is required for it to achieve CryptoBull’s objective.

It doesn’t help that a recent report has revealed that XRP’s case with the SEC might take some time to come to a conclusion. This has made investors apprehensive about their future with the project. With these negative sentiments surrounding it, Ripple (XRP) has witnessed a 12% fall in its price in the last month.

However, the analyst distributed a copy of the weekly price chart for XRP to their audience, which revealed that the asset’s value was currently positioned in a bullish wedge continuation pattern. The graphic indicates that XRP appears to be preparing for a comeback.

Additionally, there have been allegations that whales have been hoarding XRP over the past several days, which increases the likelihood that significant swings may take place shortly.

Given this, CryptoBull’s prediction might sound rather bold, but it is not impossible.

Avalanche on the rise

In less than 24 hours, Avalanche has seen a 0.16% rise as it steadily continues to climb up the ladder, as it has been doing for the past week. Currently priced at $20, the altcoin is tipped as a favourite to see an immense surge in the mid-to-long term. While most projections rely on Bitcoin (BTC), upon whom most altcoins are dependent, analysts believe that if AVAX can shake off the resistance at $20, then its price could shoot up to $30 in the near term.

Avalanche is still gunning for Ethereum’s seat as the most popular blockchain for smart contracts, and it aims to do so by having higher transaction outputs without compromising scalability.

In an altruistic move, the altcoin announced that it was donating $1 million in AVAX to disaster relief efforts for the earthquake that has affected Turkey and Syria.

Big Eyes Coin on a rampage

Hitting a record 24.5 million dollars in raised funds, Big Eyes Coin has officially entered the 11th stage of its presale. The meme coin is set to launch soon if it maintains the current momentum, as it is almost halfway to its target. With eyes glued to a $1 price, BIG has lofty targets for itself after launching, and its ROI calculator gives investors a sense of how much they stand to profit by getting in now. At the moment, $1 will earn you 2028.99 Big Eyes, or 6086.97 Big Eyes if you apply the promo code: “LAUNCHBIGEYES200”.

The use of this code has been extended until Monday, February 20, 2023, to get a 200% bonus on every purchase of the coin.

Furthermore, the cat-themed coin made known on Twitter that it would be giving away Five PlayStation 5 consoles to commemorate the largest pre-sale ever. Five lucky winners will be announced in two weeks.

Details on how to win can be found on their social media pages.

It is important to note that predictions, while mostly based on observable patterns and history, are not immune to different market factors that can render them false. Still, every investor knows that no investment comes without a certain amount of risk. However, an early investment in a good project will always yield greater returns.


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