The top 3 Best Crypto with value for money: Monero, Ethereum and Dogetti

Money is the anthem of success and success is the word of the week when it comes to crypto. Dogetti’s (DETI) plans to build generational wealth and Monero’s (XMR) allows secure low-cost transactions for goods and services. Investors are almost guaranteed to be successful with these coins.

Make secure discreet transactions with Monero

Monero is a decentralised digital currency exchange platform that was first launched in April 2014. The platform was originally known as BitMonero, however, the community later shortened it to Monero and it has stuck since. Users can trade securely at a low cost, trading includes services and goods, plus other cryptocurrencies. The price and value of Monero increase when the demand exceeds supply and vice versa. Monero is so valuable because it permits privacy and anonymity when users make transactions.

There are three different types of software that Monero uses to keep the platform discreet. Monero uses stealth addresses, this is a way to hide blockchain transactions by creating a one-off address for each transaction made. Even if transactions are made by the same person multiple times, the platform will generate a new stealth address for each one. Another thing Monero does is use ring signatures; eliminating the fund source so that parties can’t track where they came from. They are put into a group with multiple random transactions from other parties, this makes tracking near impossible. RingCT also hides transaction amounts.

This level of security and privacy isn’t offered by a lot of other crypto platforms, which is why Monero is a standout currency well worth the investment.

Ethereum, The next level of Blockchain Technology

Ethereum (ETH), powered by the Ether coin, is a decentralised blockchain network. Ethereum allows users to earn interest on their investments, make transactions as well as store and use NFTs. The Ethereum network exists across thousands of PCs worldwide, this is what makes the network so advanced, because of this the server is more or less immune to any attacks that could take place. Ethereum is also good when running social networking platforms, this is because of the lack of censorship Ethereum allows, as opposed to a social networking site like Instagram or Twitter.

New Dog on the block: Dogetti

The Dogetti Family have made their debut into the crypto world, and seemingly have a lot to offer potential investors. Although they are still in the early stages of their presale, this doesn’t mean those considering sinking funds into the coin should delay. Dogetti wants to establish a close-knit community, ensuring that members will be put first.

The Dogetti Family will introduce the DogettiDAO, allowing users to discuss ideas with each other and provide feedback to the project organisers when they present new plans for further development. Dogetti already offers NFTs in the form of digital doggy companions, users will soon be able to breed their NFTs to make a profit. It is in the Dogetti plan for 100 Billion tokens to be made in total, and so far they have sold a billion despite being in the first stage of their presale, they seem to be doing well in terms of gaining web traction and interest.






WARNING: The investment in crypto assets is not regulated, it may not be suitable for retail investors and the total amount invested could be lost

AVISO IMPORTANTE: La inversión en criptoactivos no está regulada, puede no ser adecuada para inversores minoristas y perderse la totalidad del importe invertido



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