Cheesed Off

Cheese off

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I haven’t had any tests done yet but I think I’ve just found out that I’m allergic to cheese.

This for me is a big deal as I love cheese and one of my favourite meals is cheddar cheese and small cherry tomatoes with a nice cup of tea.  I’m also partial to a provolone, or spaghetti Bolognese covered in cheese or a lasagne with extra cheese, the list goes on.  I even chose my wedding venue based on the best cheese board selection offered.

They do say our bodies change with age but I didn’t think one of the spin offs could include acquiring new food allergies.  I am now only putting two and two together because whilst having dinner with my dear friend Charo I started coughing, to such a degree that she became concerned.  At first, I thought it might be the draft from the door as I felt perfectly well and the cough seemingly came from nowhere.  I just repeatedly felt this weird sensation in the middle of my chest, like an allergic reaction I noted.

It was only when Charo asked if perhaps I was having a reaction to the copious amounts of cheese I was heaping on my Bolognese that the penny dropped.  I realised that the previous evening a cough had also appeared out of the blue, just before I went to bed.   It became so intense and repetitive that I had to get out of bed to cut some onion to put in my socks.

(Thanks to Merich of Bel Mare restaurant I had learnt last winter that a slice of onion in each sock whilst sleeping reduces coughing.  I had tried it at the time with very positive results and so I stuffed each sock and fortunately managed to fall asleep.
You must try it if needs be!)

I also realised that I had actually eaten my cheddar and tomato special for dinner, just before the coughing set in.  It seems to add up.

Following Charo’s suggestion I will lay off the lactose for a couple of days to see what happens and make a note of what I eat and any reactions to anything.
I’m so grateful that she pointed this out to me because I really don’t think I would have come to this conclusion without prompting.  I was fully aware that milk can produce more mucus and phlegm in the body but I didn’t for one second think to connect the dots.

As soon as I got home I searched Internet for additional information and yes, it is possible that within minutes of eating dairy products our bodies can produce profuse amounts of phlegm that we obviously try to expel by coughing.

I have to admit I’m pretty cheesed off that the one thing I most like to eat is for the moment at least “off the table” but happy to share the experience with you in case it resonates (and the tip about the onions).

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