Little green men

Little green men

Image: Marti Bug Catcher/Shutterstock

ARE aliens really hovering above the earth?  The more cynical might say that recent behaviour by some politicians was proof that aliens have in fact been roaming among us for some time now.

In all seriousness though, the objects found floating above the United States over the last week have caused consternation among politicians and the public alike.

Certainly the almost coy statements from the White House over the unidentified objects have done little to prevent tin hat enthusiasts all over the globe sharing their conspiracy theories.

Surely much more sinister than the thought of an advanced race embarking on some mild intergalactic tourism though- or even than “Project Blue Beam” (the theory that governments across the world would unite to fake an alien invasion just to gain more control of the earthling electorate)- is the much-more-likely prospect that tensions really have increased between China and the west.

Rishi Sunak has since vowed to do “whatever it takes” to keep Britain safe and that

he is in “constant touch” with the UK’s allies abroad.

One thing this global issue has shown though is the relative stability we enjoy in the west; and how much having allies matters.

The partnerships the UK has built up over decades are the very thing that prevents some of the worst global issues- war, famine, genocide- from knocking directly on our door.

One of the strongest arguments for staying in the European Union was just this- that we are stronger together.  In matters like the balloons however, it becomes clear how much more partnerships mean than sheer safety in numbers.

As the UK government works with its allies to share information, it’s this sharing of ideas, of technology, that will ultimately be our biggest strength in defending ourselves.

Perhaps rather than politicians seeking ways to constantly undermine each other then, they should remember that idea sharing- working together- is one of the strongest weapons we have.

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