Big Eyes Coin Offers An Exciting Bonus Promo As Shiba Inu and Dogecoin Endure A Difficult Week

The crypto market is always fluctuating. Its unpredictability can make it difficult for investors to understand which coin is a safe bet. But right now, the presale performances of Big Eyes Coin (BIG) have marked it out as one of the burgeoning forces in the meme coin market in 2023.

Whilst the more established names in the field, such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, have been affected, Big Eyes Coin has ridden the wave. Crucially, it is offering a time-limited promo to allow users to get involved and become a part of what it is doing.

The trajectory of Big Eyes Coin has been more than impressive. It set out in its presale stages of achieving $50m. It has already surpassed $25m after eleven stages and looks well on course to reach its intended target. It has succeeded in generating a lot of buzz amongst investors, and with good reason. Unlike many other new and upcoming cryptocurrencies, Big Eyes Coin hasn’t fallen off the grid but instead resiliently endured any market setbacks and thrived.

Big Eyes Coin is offering an exciting promo with its bonus code

Right now, Big Eyes Coin is offering investors a chance to receive a bonus of 200% on buying coins if they use the code LAUNCHBIGEYES200 before the deadline of 20th February. Alongside this, Big Eyes Coin has announced that those acquiring coins through the bonus code at stage 11 will obtain a 300% ROI at the launch price. This means that anyone buying $1000 worth of coins will see them valued at $3000 at the very least.

Big Eyes Coin’s promo demonstrates confidence, and rightfully so. Investors have not lost interest but maintained an intrigued eye on the ongoing process of one of the more impressive crypto coins in 2023. Big Eyes Coin’s emphasis on collective participation in the decision-making process for its investors encourages confidence and thus ensures that such a promo can only be a good idea to people.

Alongside this, the coin’s sense of charity and environmental duty underlines a distinction from other coins. Big Eyes Coin is committed to donating 5% of its earnings to charities that save our oceans. That is something that will catch the eye of investors looking to place their money in a coin they believe they can trust.

Not everyone in the meme coin right has had a good week

The two biggest names in the meme coin market are Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Dogecoin emerged in late 2013 and has been recognized as Elon Musk’s favorite cryptocurrency, which has often contributed to upturns in its market fortunes. Shiba Inu is a more recent dog meme, but it is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world.

Both, however, have struggled recently in the market for the past week in comparison to Big Eyes Coin. The two coins have seen their market cap drop, and despite a positive spike triggered by Elon Musk’s recent tweet, it hasn’t been the best of days for both coins. What this shows is that despite being established names, that isn’t a guarantee of protection from adverse market effects.

By contrast, Big Eyes Coin’s success in its presales will have it relishing what it can do once it goes live. Right now, it is taking steps towards that by encouraging investors to use its bonus promo code and invest in coins at an advantage.

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