Big Eyes Coin Woo Gamers With Launch of Loot Boxes Worth $100K; Rivals Decentraland and Axie Infinity With New Move

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Investors have a wide range of projects to look at, thanks to the wide variety of cryptocurrencies. Coins that combine the two incredibly popular sectors of cryptocurrency and video games are gaining popularity.

Numerous online games have in-game currencies that are based on cryptocurrencies. Gamers can buy characters and weapons with the game’s cryptocurrency.

While there are gaming coins like Decentraland (MANA) and Axie Infinity (AXS) that fit the mold neatly, some others are seeking innovative ways of appealing to that crowd, and Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has cracked the code.

Big Eyes: No losers with loot boxes

In less than 24 hours, BIG fans will be able to purchase loot boxes and stand a chance to win $100k worth of BIG tokens. Big Eyes made this announcement on its Twitter page.

Loot boxes are consumable virtual items that can be exchanged for a surprise reward or customized. The idea may already be known to gamers because it is prevalent in online games like FIFA and PUBG.

In an innovative new step, Big Eyes Coin has developed its own treasure or loot boxes as part of its presale journey. The three boxes will vary in cost and value. The Cute box will cost $100 to open in order to win as little as $100 or as much as $5,000 in BIG coins.

The second box is the Kitty Vault, which will cost $500 and offer between $500 and a huge $25k worth of BIG in return.

The third and final box will have users coughing up $1000 to purchase, but in exchange, they could win $1000, $1.2k, 3k, 8k, and a whopping $100k in rewards.

The loot boxes are part of the coin’s presale adventure, and as previously stated, all of the goodies are in BIG tokens.

The boxes are a win-win for interested parties, as at the very least, one is guaranteed his or her money’s worth and, at best, 5–10x your money’s worth. They are also only in limited supply.

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Image – Big Eyes

Eyes on Decentraland in 2023

Decentraland is a decentralized metaverse that was created, is owned by, and is governed by its people. It was developed on the Ethereum blockchain. Like other virtual worlds, it provides players with “LAND” plots that they can buy and use however they like.

The freedom that players have in Decentraland is what sets it apart, which is why investors remain confident about this coin.

The development of MANA’s user base is still in its early phases. Like other blockchain games, it has struggled to grow its player base in 2022.

However, because it was among the first platforms to feature a fully functional virtual environment, it does enjoy the “first mover” advantage. As a result, it has become one of the most well-known game platforms.

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Image – Big Eyes

The game coin inspired by Pokemon

Axie Infinity, a game inspired by Pokémon, allows users to purchase, exchange, and engage in combat with Axies. You must purchase a minimum of three of these non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or Axies, to begin playing.

The fact that players may get AXS gaming tokens by participating in this game contributed greatly to its enormous popularity in 2021. Several players claim to earn hundreds to thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency each month.

Axie Infinity’s stock performance surely pleased the company’s early investors. At the beginning of 2021, it was valued roughly at $0.54 per coin; now, it is changing hands at $11 each.

Final thoughts

Although it is a rarity for a cryptocurrency to launch “Loot Boxes,” it is not unheard of, and enthusiasts who buy or win these boxes may hit the jackpot. Loot boxes provide users with a fun and engaging way to acquire cryptocurrencies and may help draw new players to the industry. With this move, Big Eyes can play with the big names in the gaming sector of cryptocurrency without being an actual gaming coin. Talk about eating one’s cake and still having it.

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