As Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Keep Rising, Big Eyes Coin community comes together with Ink-Redible Tattoo Competition

What was once intended as a joke has gained momentum and established itself in the vast cryptocurrency market – that’s right, we’re talking about meme coins.

Something many rejected as a joke could’ve led to financial independence if bought and sold at the right times. In this post, we’ll look at Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and new meme coins like Big Eyes Coin (BIG) to help you grasp the similarities and differences among these cryptocurrencies.

Shiba Inu: A Skyrocketing Meme Coin

In August 2020, a mystery developer by the name of Ryoshi released the Shiba Inu (SHIB) cryptocurrency. The name of this coin comes from Shiba Inu dogs, who are also the stars of the well-known Dogecoin cryptocurrency.The Shiba Inu cryptocurrency, which can be used to pay for products and services as well as traded for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money like the US dollar, was developed on the Ethereum network. Due to its association with the well-known cryptocurrency Dogecoin and innovative marketing techniques like airdropping Vitalik Buterin with 50% of the initial supply, Shiba Inu has grown in popularity. He ultimately burned the majority of his tokens, which caused their value to soar to the moon.

Dogecoin: The original Meme Coin – wow

In 2013, software engineers Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus launched Dogecoin (DOGE), a cryptocurrency with its tongue-in-cheek nature written all over it. With the help of the well-known Shiba Inu dog meme, it swiftly became recognised as legitimate digital money. Dogecoin is often used to pay for products and services and may be traded for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, such as the US dollar.

Dogecoin is used by a sizable internet fanbase for online tips and charity donations. Celebrities and prominent figures like Elon Musk will continue to encourage this dog to keep it at the head of the pack because this meme coin is here to stay.

Big Eyes Coin: Get a tattoo to receive $1000!

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a meme token on the Ethereum network, and is currently sweeping the crypto world by storm! Many investors are looking to invest in this cryptocurrency as they see the promise and potential Big Eyes Coin holds. Big Eyes Coin has raised, at the time of writing, $30+ million, and is only continuing to grow in momentum!

Big Eyes Coin also aims to help with environmental issues! Big Eyes Coin regularly provides financial assistance to organisations dedicated to protecting marine life such as The Orca Network and The Sea Shepherd. Big Eyes Coin has a public charity wallet that holds 5% of all Big Eyes tokens, and the more the value of the coin goes up, the more Big Eyes Coin will be able to assist these charitable organisations.

Community is a crucial aspect of many meme coins, and Big Eyes Coin has a vibrant community that is showing fierce loyalty to Big Eyes Coin, with a few die-hard fans getting a tattoo of the mascot!

Big Eyes Coin is running a tattoo competition right now where if you get a tattoo of the Big Eyes cat mascot, you will be rewarded with $1000 worth of Big Eyes Coin tokens. A very good deal, you get an adorable cat tattoo and $1000! However, only the first 10 people who get their tattoos will be eligible to receive their tokens, so don’t miss out! The full terms and conditions can be found here.

If you are looking to invest in meme coins, though they have a higher risk, the profit margins to be gained are exponentially higher than that of established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. You should look into investing in meme coins with very strong communities, like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, or Big Eyes Coin.

As always, ensure you research all assets you want to invest in properly beforehand, and never put in more than you can afford to lose. Happy investing!

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)





WARNING: The investment in crypto assets is not regulated, it may not be suitable for retail investors and the total amount invested could be lost

AVISO IMPORTANTE: La inversión en criptoactivos no está regulada, puede no ser adecuada para inversores minoristas y perderse la totalidad del importe invertido


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