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On visiting San Javier Health Centre, I was handed a paper. For over 3 months I have been attempting to obtain an appointment at the Social Security Office, Cartegena to register a form S1 to obtain access to the Spanish Healthcare system. 

Every time I attempt to obtain an appointment, by phone or online, I am told – no appointments available. I am aware many other people, including translators/solicitors are having the same problem – no appointments available. 

It appears the Murcia Healthcare system is not functioning as it should. 


Linda Rogers 

Was reading your thoughts on dangerous dog breeds and the amount of recorded bites, but you don’t count the bites reported by other breeds. I have had both big and very small dogs in my life time. I have had rottweilers, German shepherds, mastiffs and pitbulls and out of all these never once have I had any that where aggressive, even my last dog which was a rescued ex fighting dog who turned out to be the softest thing on four legs and I have vets who can confirm all my dogs were no danger to anyone. But what is the problem is HUMANS who get the dog they want not the dog they need, why get a high maintenance dog if you don’t plan on putting in the work and what I suggest you do is tell people to study the breeds of dogs and what requirements they need to be a calm submissive pet, not a dog that you leave in a garden when it actually needs to be kept very active and a job given for it to focus. There are no bad breeds but bad humans, so many dogs are already put to sleep because of their breed. 


Paulle Milner 

No shortage of people in Barcelona  

Barcelona has got its population back? Whoever thought it would have been low! The amount of times I have gone down Las Ramblas and all you could see was quite literally a sea of people. When the kids were young, we always had them dressed in brightly coloured clothes so we could easily find them if they somehow got lost. It is crazy to think that the population was low. Ok the areas I was in were quite touristy but even in the not so touristy parts it was always filled with so much fun and people just enjoying life. Life really is sweet when you get the chance to live it.  

Thanks, Barbra  

Reign of Spain  

Reign reign go away never come back again. I don’t know why in this day and age there such things as royalty, kings and queens or princes and princesses. The real age of royalty and true royalty is gone, all it is these days is tabloid this and tabloid that. They aren’t doing anything for us but giving us TMI, especially with Harry’s book. I did not need to know about Elizabeth Arden cream. The royals haven’t seemed to bring along any happiness in the longest time. Even the Spanish royals. It all just seems dreer and drab. The real royalty left when the Queen and Prince Phillip sadly passed.  

Yours, Anthony  

Burning issues  

If cleaning really does help you burn the calories Tommy will be in for a shock tomorrow! I am re-styling the living room and it is going to be cleaned from head to toe. You know one of my most favourite things about all this new technology nowadays is the fact that you can have the world at our fingertips and even our wrist with all these fitness watches. I got one with my easter egg last year from Tommy, I don’t really know what he was trying to say doing that….. But I will be wearing it tomorrow when I am doing the cleaning to see just how many calories I do burn. Hopefully it is enough to make up for all the chocolate I´ll be eating on Pancake Day. 

Love Glen  

Sleeping helps! 

HA turns out I wasn’t such an idiot at school and sleeping actually does help, 10 minutes does you the world of good. Ok I don’t think I should have been sleeping in class but if I had to hear another second of Shakespeare, I think I would have jumped out the window (this is when we were all studying in mobiles, I’m not that dramatic). Some subjects were good, but some were just blatantly awful. The only good subject for me was Home Economics where you got to eat what you made, the girls used to take pity on Patrick and I. We would just sit there like the numptys we were and still get the truffles out of it. Ah how I miss the good old days of school and then they would just slide over the bowl for us to lick the spoons. Of course, the teacher always picked up a fuss but how could you weren’t supposed to lick the spoon and how unhygienic it was… always took the fun out of everything. We still did it though and I still do it now. 


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