Big Eyes Coin thrives as Memecoin like Shiba Inu continue uptrend

Big Eyes Coin thrives as Memecoin like Shiba Inu continue uptrend

The cryptocurrency market got off to a great start in 2023, and without leaving memecoins behind, they have already had decent gains this year. Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) have had some impressive price pumps since this year started. Most people believe it’s a tease of strength as to how these memecoins will perform when market activity peaks. However, when users are looking for opportunities for entry into DOGE and SHIB, Big Eyes(BIG) is another golden opportunity that a few people have been privileged to spot.

Big Eyes (BIG) is a new memecoin project that has caught the attention of crypto enthusiasts looking for new opportunities in the memecoin landscape. Big Eyes is a special offering because it is undervalued on presale and allows early investors to get in at a below-market price, lowering risk and allowing for a wider margin profit. Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) are already overpriced for the kind of profits holders imagine. Despite the potential of making holders money, both memecoins cannot replicate their 2021 success as they are too big for such returns.

However, Big Eyes(BIG) is in the perfect price range for a massive pump when it blows. The memecoin has amassed hype, and the community continues to grow, improving the prospects of the meme cryptocurrency when it launches.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) – Does the tail wag the dog

Shiba Inu(SHIB) is an Ethereum-based memecoin and has been a decent performer over the past few weeks since the year started. The memecoin is most popular for its massive price pump in 2021, making several holders a lot of money and sending the market into peak excitement. It was dubbed the “DOGE killer,” and the community aimed to surpass Dogecoin’s market cap.

SHIB eventually did surpass DOGE’s market cap in November 2021 at the market’s peak. However, it has been a downtrend for the memecoin and the whole market from that point on. The memecoin has dropped massive value but is beginning to show strength since the year started. Also, another noticeable pattern with memecoin pumps is that you can find other cryptocurrencies in the same category having a price pump.

Babydoge(BABYDOGE), another DOGE-inspired memecoin, has gained massive value over the last few weeks. Babydoge has gained more than SHIB and DOGE in the past week, and this is possible due to its low market cap, allowing for huge growth and massive profit for users who get in at those prices.

Big Eyes(BIG) – Launches LOOTBOXES sending the Crypto World Crazy

As introduced earlier, Big Eyes(BIG) is one of the most hyped memecoin projects in the market. The Ethereum-based memecoin would be looking to use the opportunities and resources presented on Ethereum to scale the project. It particularly aims to create wealth using DeFi, and with Ethereum being the biggest network for DeFi, the possibilities are endless. It would be looking to replicate the success of SHIB on the network.

Big Eyes is a cat-themed project which for sure is different from the unidirectional approach to crypto jokes and internet memes. Most emerging memecoins have adopted the dog memes as a signature for crypto memes and particularly to benefit from the success of Dogecoin(DOGE), but it hasn’t particularly worked out well recently.

Moreso, Big Eyes’ approach seems to be working fine, seeing the rivalry this narrative is creating between dog and cat memes. The traction would benefit Big Eyes and, as it already has a solid community, will push the project to the moon. Big Eyes is primed for a price pump when the project launches.

Position yourself nicely by joining the presale here now. You can also use the promo code LAUNCHBIGEYES200 to claim a 200% bonus on your purchase. Check the website for the latest LOOTBOXES feature which allows adopters the opportunity to win $100k, worst case scenario you walk away with your money back in Big Tokens.





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