Big Eyes pre-sale hits the roof as Ethereum’s Liquidity staking coin soars higher

The cryptocurrency market, despite its volatility, has proven itself to be an investment option that is here to stay. And recently, some crypto tokens have been improving in their performances, making investors more interested in investing in digital assets again. One of these projects is the liquidity-staking coin of the Ethereum blockchain, ETH. Some notable improvements are worth discussing as investors tap into the potential they are beginning to showcase. Reps of the ETH liquid staking niche like LDO, RPL, and FXS show massive price increases, with LDO increasing by over 10%.

The Ethereum blockchain being one of the leading platforms shows its potential daily through its numerous offerings, and this is just one of the many we’re yet to see. Big eyes coin (BIG) is another big thing happening on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a meme coin project looking to launch soon, and its presale has indeed hit the roof, raising close to $22 million. Big eyes coin is a meme coin to consider adding to your portfolio, and what’s more interesting is that the presale is still on for people looking to join in early.

Ethereum(ETH)’s move to PoS improves Scalability

Ethereum(ETH) is a second-generation blockchain and one of the most innovative blockchains in the crypto space. The cryptocurrency was created to outdo Bitcoin and offer more blockchain solutions to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Ethereum has been a touch point for many looking to explore the endless possibilities of blockchain technology; with this, we see new additions in the community daily. Ethereum is a sophisticated network of crypto projects and a platform for individuals to build decentralised applications.

The network allows for the opportunity to create projects and explore decentralised finance functions, DEXs, NFTs, liquidity staking, and more. Ethereum recently migrated from PoW to PoS consensus mechanism to improve the network’s scalability. Due to its unique offerings, the network has had to battle scalability issues. And PoS consensus was meant to help improve scalability on the blockchain network while allowing developers to build their applications more efficiently, fast, and reliably.

After the network transitioned to the PoS consensus, Ethereum began a liquid staking system where users exchanged their ETH for tradable staking coins representing their staked ETH. LDO and RPL are two liquid staking coins, and they’ve soared tremendously in value, improving interest on the platform and the staking mechanism.

Big Eyes Coin(BIG): The new Cat Themed Meme Coin

Big eyes coin(BIG) is a new meme coin project we haven’t seen before. It is a cat-themed project and a change from the usual Doge memes we see in the market today. While big eyes coin is a new project looking to retrace the success of Dogecoin (DOGE), it seems to do things differently and stand out through its unique offerings. Big eyes coins is a meme coin looking to offer users amazing opportunities to make money and build wealth.

It is a meme coin, a DeFI solution, and an NFT cryptocurrency. Big eyes coin is a meme coin with many utilities and many uses to explore. It also aims to offer a DAO where token holders are given the authority to decide collectively. Big eyes coin is a community-centric platform and a family for maximum fun and interactions. The meme coin’s presale has been a huge success, and we see more investors join the network by the day. If you’re interested in investing in big eyes coins, you should consider buying the token on a presale before it closes.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




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