Recent Shiba Inu competitor spikes over 207% after new proposal as exciting newcomer Big Eyes Coin raises close to $30m in Presale

The year has only just begun but already looks to be an eventful one in crypto, especially in the meme coin niche. As soon as Dogecoin (DOGE) blew up in 2021, an onslaught of Japanese dog-themed tokens appeared, trying to capitalise on the frenzy of investors looking for the next big thing. Shiba Inu (SHIB) was the winner of the race at the time but in 2023 it seems as though two coins are trying to break the mould and climb to a spot in the Top 100: Floki Inu (FLOKI) and Big Eyes (BIG).

Much like its contemporaries, Floki came into existence in 2021, at the height of the meme coin; but it seems as though it’s attempting to do what many couldn’t – legitimise itself by becoming a coin with actual utility. Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, Big Eyes is still in presale but is going all in with its meme branding and is expected to bring a lot of the fun back to crypto upon its release. This is all happening while Shiba Inu attempts to prove that the peak it hit almost 2 years ago was not a fluke and that it is still an investment worth holding.

Buyers of a feather flock together with FLOKI

Floki Inu has had an impressive performance this month, especially at the end of it after the community voted for a proposal to burn 4.2 trillion tokens with an overall value of $100 million as well as reduce transactional tax. This reduction of the supply will only go to add value to each remaining token as long as everything continues to go well for Floki. According to the creators, the vote was almost unanimous with 99.7% of the community agreeing, so it can be assumed that Flocki’s buyers all for the most part believe the move will be a positive one for its future. This is all part of the team’s plan to turn Floki into a serious project that utilises DeFi features. This plan can be seen from: their DeFiKi platform which allows users to swap tokens and sports blockchains such as Ethereum, their NFT marketplace FlokiPlaces and their metaverse P2E game Valahala which rewards players with FLOKI tokens.

Though the price of FLOKI fell as fast as it surged after the announcement of the proposal, it contributed to the 100% rise it had in a little under a week. If Floki Inu finds a way to maintain the goodwill it has within its community and outside of it, it may just topple Shiba Inu down the line.

It’s raining Cats & Dog with Big Eyes

In a trend filled mostly by Shiba Inu mascots trying to imitate Dogecoin (DOGE), the cartoon cat-themed Big Eyes seems like it will be a breath of fresh air based on community reactions. Big Eyes has successfully raised over $20.5 million so far, making it one it the largest presale we’ve seen in the last 2 years. As other meme coins move to focus on the metaverse or have been completely abandoned, Big Eyes is building anticipation for a beginner-friendly and fun meme coin that rewards the loyalty its community shows.

With plans of releasing e-stickers and NFTs for those interested in that avenue, while also incentivising through 80% of 200,000,000,000 tokens being made available on launch and no buy/sell tax; Big Eyes has created a lot of incentives for buyers to invest sooner than later. All of this culminates with the philanthropy of the team, creating a charity wallet for 5% of the overall supply, which will be donated to the preservation of the oceans.

Aside from Dogecoin, Shiba Inu can be credited with driving the popularity of meme coins at the height of it all. Since then, Shiba Inu has struggled to maintain its importance in crypto somewhat, with scandals and losses coming quite soon after its initial success. That said, the crypto market is volatile in nature and Shiba Inu has managed to maintain its position in the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market cap, which means it still has the potential to do well.

This is evident from its recent 60% surge over the weekend. While its competitor Floki Inu and future competitor Big Eyes Coin have opened the new year to success, the end is not yet in sight for Shiba Inu and it could very well return to an upward trend. Maybe with the help of Elon this time. 2023 is the year of the rabbit, but it’s looking like it’s still Cats and Dogs enjoying the limelight.

Also there Big eyes have offered up a new loot box with the Cute box costing you $100 for $500 for the kitty vault and the super saiyan box will cost you $1000. Each box could gift you a nice prize, the high end box could get you upto $100k in Big Eyes tokens. If you want to check out the selection head over to Big Eyes here  here.

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