BTC, Stellar, and Dogetti–Choice Investments During the Bull Run

2022 was characteristically bearish, forcing traders and platforms to adopt survival strategies to prevent total liquidation. The FTX collapse was the storm that came just before the calm as 2023 welcomed a rewarding bull run. How long or productive the run would be is yet to be known, but some tokens are already experiencing considerable price spikes, like Bitcoin (BTC) and Stellar (XLM), and a new meme coin project, Dogetti (DETI), will be looking to join such platforms at the top of the charts as the year wears on. Read on as we bring a few of their significant attributes to your attention.

Bitcoin: The most solid investment you can make

Right out of Satoshi Nakamoto’s mind came the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain in 2009, after it had maintained a mining network for almost two years before it. The token launched on a proof of work protocol and ushered in an era of Decentralised Finance, where crypto tokens will claim a significant portion of the financial market globally.

Bitcoin (BTC) started as a mined token, where users mined their tokens before it was launched for trading and exchange. The mining was in-line with its objectives of decentralisation, where the users held power over the token’s fate. Although mining is no longer as profitable on mobile devices, specialised graphic processing computers like ASICs can still mine BTC. This has considerably restricted the mining process to large corporations.

BTC thrived on scarcity, rather than protocol features, to scale up the crypto charts. Its major contribution to DeFi was the development of anonymous, secure blockchain technology to enhance user security and promote ubiquitous asset transfer across the globe.

Blockchains also bear records for each transaction users perform. These records are untraceable and can only be accessed for security reasons. Each user has a private key, while public keys are generated for each transaction. The public keys serve as reference points for tracing transactions on the blockchain.

Bitcoin has consistently gained in the cryptocurrency market in 2023, selling for about $23,323.91 on CoinMarketCap.

A Stellar Pick

Stellar (XLM) was one of the first Bitcoin forks in 2014, as it broke off the protocol to become an independent blockchain. Now, it has become a key token in the financial market, where it offers the speed of blockchain transfer to non-DeFi institutions.

Stellar (XLM) runs on a modified proof of stake protocol called the Stellar Consensus protocol that helps to improve the network’s speed compared with a proof of work protocol. The stake protocol also allows Stellar users to delegate their tokens and earn passive income on their investments.

Stellar (XLM) functions to improve the speed of global funds transfer between banks and financial institutions in different geographical locations. Already, the platform partners with banks in Europe and the US, along with various payment systems like Flutterwave in Africa. These corporations use the Stellar network for funds transfer while they pay service fees for each transaction.

Stellar (XLM) has been gaining on the value side, going up by over 100% this January. XLM tokens currently sell for $0.093 on CoinMarketCap.

Dogetti: Mamma Mia! Another Meme Coin

Dogetti (DETI) is looking to make the most of the ongoing bullish market situation, as the developers are working on successful presale and launch phases to put the token out properly. The protocol is attractive, comprising hybrid features that are uncommon for meme coins. The protocol depicts commitment from the developers to the longevity of the token.

Dogetti (DETI) will launch its protocol on the Ethereum (ETH) network, hoping the blockchain will provide the necessary environment for adequate token development. The Dogetti (DETI) ecosystem consists of an exchange platform, an NFT marketplace, and its DAO hierarchy, all designed to bring users the most of their crypto journeys.

The exchange system will provide an opportunity for users on the Ethereum network to swap their assets from other token types to DETI for activities on the Dogetti platform. The DogettiSwap will also contribute to the increased demand for DETI tokens, raising its chances of attaining top spots on the crypto charts.

Like every other network, the NFT marketplace in Dogetti (DETI) will be involved in intensive NFT trade, as both developers and users will be able to list NFTs, both singly and in collections, for sale to other users. The platform-derived NFTs will be typically pet-themed, although any form of multimedia can be used to generate NFTs.





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