Dozens of parents in Spain go to court after accusing ‘anti vaxxer nurse’ of faking their children’s vaccine jabs

Dozens of parents in Spain go to court after accusing ‘anti vaxxer nurse’ of faking their children's vaccine jabs. Photo by Billion Photos

Authorities are investigating the cases of more than 400 children in Spain after parents accuse a nurse of not administering vaccine to their children. 

Officials in Spain have opened an investigation after over 42 families started a legal battle, accusing a nurse in the Basque country of faking the administration of children´s routine vaccine.   

Investigations started a nurse attempted to discourage parents from getting their children vaccinated during routine visits to the health centre in Santurtzi, close to Bilbao, as per the Guardian. They also claimed that the nurse was injecting the vaccine in an unusual way.  

“Some noticed that she was administering the vaccines in an odd way; she would jab it in very quickly and then it appeared as though she would throw the whole vial into the rubbish bin”, said Aitzol Asla, the lawyer representing the families,   

The parents while filing the case also accused the nurse of “falsifying documents and the misuse of public funds”.   

Officials said that the nurse was responsible for administering vaccines for infections including meningitis and hepatitis B.   

Following the complaints, antibody tests were conducted by healthcare officials on 50 children who had been visiting the centre.   

The kids were divided into two groups on the bases of which nurse vaccinated them.   

“It was found that most of those belonging to one of the groups analysed were not properly immunised,”, said a statement by a Spanish health authority.   

Officials have also said that testing will be done on further 400 children to check if they had been immunised after being treated by the nurse, who has not been officially named.   

The parents are now concerned as per Asla, who said months have passed since the investigations were started, and no further information has been provided to them.   

“These parents are worried about what could have happened to their children. For example, if there was an outbreak of meningitis at a school and parents were sending their kids, thinking they were vaccinated,” Asla said, adding, “Luckily nothing has happened to date”, Asla added.   


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Imran Khan