EasyJet pilot performs stunning 360-degree turn to treat passengers to Northern Lights spectacle

Passengers including Adam Groves took to Twitter to share their snaps of the Northern Lights after their EasyJet pilot did a u-turn to allow all to see the spectacle. Photo credit: @ATPgroves (via Twitter)

PASSENGERS aboard an EasyJet flight from Reykjavik to Manchester were in for a real treat on Monday, February 27 as the pilot made a stunning 360-degree turn to give everyone on board a chance to see the breathtaking Northern Lights. The plane was flying over the UK when the Aurora Borealis lit up the skies in a rare display.

The passengers were treated to a spectacular view of the Northern Lights, which illuminated the skies with a dazzling display of green, yellow, and pink colors. The pilot’s maneuver allowed passengers on both sides of the plane to witness the magnificent sight.

One passenger from Cheshire, Adam Groves,  took to Twitter to describe the experience as “incredible”, saying it topped off his four-night trip, which also saw him get engaged. The couple had been hunting for the Northern Lights the entire time they were in Iceland without success. Little did they know, they would get to witness the spectacular sight on their flight back home.

An EasyJet spokesperson said that the crew will always go above and beyond for passengers, saying “we’re delighted to have been able to share this special view with them”.