Russian filmmaker makes unusual comments on state TV

Russian television/Shutterstock Images

In very unusual public statements, a high-profile Russian filmmaker has said on state television that Russia needs to consider the fact that they could lose the war in Ukraine.

Karen Shakhnazarov who became Director General of Mosfilm Studios in 1998, said “It really is a situation which may have the most serious consequences for us in the event of us losing.

“And we need to admit that we could lose!”

He added he doesn’t agree with those who insist Russia will win.

“We need to admit that we could lose,” Mr Shakhnazarov said. “If you don’t, you’re not looking for different possible outcomes.

“If you believe that things will just happen by themselves – that’s not right.”

A BBC journalist who monitors Russian state television said, “I haven’t seen anything like this on Russian state TV since Ukraine’s counter-offensives last year.”

This comment by Shakhnazarov comes at the same time as the US is expected to announce today another $400 m of new aid for the Ukraine. The US has already provided nearly $32 billion in weaponry to Ukraine.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Olexey Reznikov told German newspaper Bild that he feels optimistic the war will end this year.

“I am an optimist, I see the situation on the battlefield, I see the development of support and I really see that there is a chance to end this war this year with our victory,” he said yesterday