There’s nothing better than seeing a happy cat!

There’s nothing better than seeing a happy cat! Image: SerPhoto /

There are a few clear signs that your cat is happy.

These signs include: An upright tail. If your cat’s tail is upright, sometimes curved at the tip, and they’re walking towards you, this is usually a greeting and means they are happy to see you.

Soft eyes. Eyes not open wide and alert. They might be half-closed (more of a rugby ball shape than a football).

Slow blinking. Cats will slow blink one another as well as people to show they are relaxed and being friendly. If you slow blink at a cat, then slowly turn your head away, this is a great way to show a cat that you’re not threatening.

Rolling onto their back. If your cat is happy and relaxed with you, they might roll onto their back and show you their tummy. This is a sign of greeting and trust and not an invitation for belly rubs!

If your cat does a little hop-up to greet you, that is when they’re asking for a fuss and it would be rude not to oblige.

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