My tarot card I have pulled of this week is “The ever unfolding Rose”

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Hello my angels, the card I have pulled this week is “The ever unfolding rose” cracked open its happing for you not to you. This meaning what every it is your going though this week is happening for a reason, my last few columns have been about what is going on in the universes right now and giving you tips on how to make things a little better, Last Tuesday was a full moon it was called the worm moon, Jupiter was in venues and also in Virgo this has not happened in many years, this means for us that this is a vibration of love, setting boundaries and manifestation!

This is a time for you, what are your dreams? Or Visions for the future? We are at a time now where we are putting our thoughts in to reality. “where energy flows focus goes” remember we become what we think and what we think is what we become, if your having an off day just take a moment stop what your doing and think about a time when you was really happy just one thing, I want you to really remember this think about how happy you were and how proud you felt, really get in to this feeling and then think of 3 things you are grateful for this will shift your focus from negative to positive and in turn move your vibration from a low one to high, this will put you on a good vibration for you to start to manifest, what is manifestation you might ask?

Manifesting is a magical thing, we use the law of attraction to see our dreams to make them reality!

There are 3 rules to manifesting most people complete 2 of them but not the 3rd its easy to do but its changing your habits every day that will help bring this to reality. Number 1 the first thing you need to do is really think about what it is you want and write it down, number 2 be grateful for this so when your writing your already grateful for add these things to your list like you already have them and number 3 really in vison your self having these things remember when I said to you find the feeling when you was really happy and remember the feeling and really get in to this feeling use the same exact emotion to in vison yourself with the things you are manifesting. All of these things are very simple to do however doing this every day is a must and this is the habit you need to have in order for you do manifestation to the law of attraction.

Now when we do this all of these impatient people will do this for a short period of time and then think this is not happening I am not doing this any more the big clinger is you need faith! Start with little things like a car parking space you know the ones where the spaces are always full and there is no where to park your car use the format I have given you and watch what happens! Write in a let me know how its going. Happy manifesting!

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