Breaking barriers: Celebrating women’s writing legacies this Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month which means it’s time to reflect on women’s incredible contributions to the worlds of art, culture and society. Photo credit:Wikimedia Foundation / Wikimedia Commons

INTERNATIONAL Women’s Day might be over, but there’s still plenty to celebrate, because March is Women’s History Month!

For years, women have been left out of the literary world, but that is all changing now. This month, we are celebrating the trailblazing women who have fought against patriarchal systems and societal barriers to make their mark on the literary world.

Award-winning Jewish author Corie Adjmi knows the power of women’s writing. She describes it as an act of rebellion, advocacy, and empowerment. Through their words, women build empathy, understanding, and connection with readers. They guide, inspire, and influence conversations and outcomes, shaping the literary scene with their unique perspectives and voices.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of feminist movements and the increasing recognition of women’s contributions, women authors are now breaking down barriers, shattering stereotypes, and paving the way for future generations of female writers.

So this Women’s History Month, let’s raise a glass to these incredible women. It’s time to celebrate their triumphs and honour their contributions to the literary world. It’s time to read their works, listen to their voices, and amplify their messages.