Artistic battle commences: Mojácar Moors and Christians poster contest

Revellers at Mojácar’s Moors and Christians festival dress in vibrant costumes to celebrate the town’s rich medieval history. Photo credit: Ayuntamiento de Mojácar (via email)

THE Mojácar Moors and Christians Association launched a competition to select a poster for the upcoming 2023 festivities on Wednesday, March 8. This exciting opportunity is open to anyone who wishes to participate, with the opportunity to showcase original artwork while celebrating the town’s rich cultural heritage.

Artists can use any materials and styles to design a piece of artwork measuring 50 centimetres by 70 centimetres, but organisers recommend using a style that can be photocopied. The winning poster will be displayed around Mojácar during the festivals in June.

Each poster must also feature the festival dates, from June 16-18.

To enter the competition, participants are asked to send an email to and attach their poster, before Tuesday, April 9. Participants should also include their name, nationality, NIE number or passport, mobile phone number and email address.

The Moors and Christians festival is a reenactment of the medieval battles between Christian and Muslim forces that took place during the Middle Ages in Spain.The festival is a celebration of the Christian victory over the Muslim Moors, and is a vibrant display of colourful costumes, music, and parades.