Estepona’s new sustainable Town Hall to offer better experience for residents

Estepona’s futuristic new town hall opened its doors for the first time last week, offering a modern experience. Photo credit: Ayuntamiento de Estepona (via Facebook)

ESTEPONA threw open the doors to its new state-of-the-art Town Hall on Wednesday, March 9. The new building is set to modernise the council’s operations, bringing them into the 21st century with a sustainable building to match.

The spacious new building boasts seven different floors, including a basement for public parking, and an aesthetically-pleasing lattice exterior design which makes the interior light and airy. The main public areas are located on the ground floor. The multipurpose Plenary Hall is on the first floor, and the upper floors house offices for council workers.

The new building is a symbol of Estepona’s commitment to providing a great quality of life for residents with its modern design. The building is also revolutionary in terms of sustainability, powered entirely by solar power. The new Town Hall also features artwork by local residents and a sculpture paying tribute to elderly residents.

Councillors held an inauguration event the following day on Thursday, March 10 as the new building opened. It was described as a symbol of Estepona’s progress, fusing traditional Estepona with the modern town it is with modern architecture and sustainable features.