My tarot card I have pulled of this week is “Play, have fun, don’t be so serious ”

Hello my angels, the card I have pulled this week is “ Play” where we have been going though the changes of different vibrations we are almost though to the other side, spring in approaching and this puts everyone a better mood, we should be starting to feel more positive and clearheaded as we are all heading in the right direction, this isn’t to say there are still bumps along the way, but this again is a test from the universe to ask us if we are ready for the next step, how is the manifestation going from last week?

You should of noticed some changes even if they are small, keep going with it and the universe will keep showing you more ways, its time now for a bit of “me” time, take your self back to when you was younger, around about 20ish your whole life was head of you, again where you was single and having fun, a young parent, or more on your career it doesn’t matter you still had plans and goals set out in front of you, you had all the time in the world, now I am not saying act like you are 20 years old again, or am i?

Think about one time in your twenties where you felt free and happy yes you might say well if I knew then what I know now I might of done things differently, however again everything happens for a reason so let’s not focus in the would of should of could off’s, I bet you can find a time where you felt really happy laughing with your family or friends, take that moment and hold on to it, recreate that happiness in what ever your doing at the moment, because life is for living not just existing, yes there are things in life that we have to take seriously but when you feel happy and you come up against a problem how do you react when it happens?

A lot less negative because you were all ready on a high vibration to begin with, and this in turn will help you with your journey of manifestation and getting in life what your on your path to do.  Now you can read this and think well I haven’t got time to be doing this or how is this going to help me?

Well you do have time this is just an excuse your ego has told you, you can get up earlier like we have talked about before you can make time there are 24 hours in a day 8 of those you sleep though 2 or more are worries and anxieties, 8 of toughs are working hours 2 of them are traveling around,  2.5 hours are in your morning routine and evening routine watching t.v chilling out trying to switch off, so why can you spend 15 minutes or half an hour making some me time? It will better you life. Write in a let me know how it is helping you change your mind set. Remember to set your little goals each day you are doing an amazing job keep going……

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