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Sharon Wright - Holistic Vocal Coach

Thanks to one of my guests on tonight’s new Marbella Now I have learnt so much about the power of our voice.

Voice Coach Sharon Wright explains how holding back our voice professionally or in our relationships can cause frustration and resentment as well as emotional blocks that often affect us physically too. Ever had a sore throat after being shouted at?

Sometimes our voices can feel ‘small’ especially when singing or speaking in front of others. We can easily lose confidence in our ability to engage our audience.  We frequently give our power away in relationships because we worry about reactions from others, lacking focus when communicating due to the many distractions around us and in our own heads, or feeling anxious and frustrated that our voice feels lost and unheard.

Our voice is part of a whole body of expression that communicates in so many areas of our lives.

Vocal coaching, approached from a holistic point of view helps free our authentic voice and ditch the comparison and self-critique that causes anxiousness. It does this by helping us to reconnect to the inner stillness of our whole body instrument with steadiness and confidence.

Science proves that vibrational attunement has the power to both heal and harm. Sound carries a certain vibration that is not just heard but felt through the body and bodies of those around you. As such, it’s super important to observe the energy that we are aligned to when we use our voices. Taking responsibility to embrace our beautiful, powerful and authentic voice ensures integrity and is healing in itself.

We need to ask ourselves when we are feeling anxious, what does our voice deliver?

When we have our buttons pushed and react in anger or feel guilty or frustrated what energy are we adding to and how is that affecting our body and those around us?   Similarly, when we are caring and loving? What does our voice feel like then?

It’s not about ‘holding back’ our voice and swallowing the poison of surging emotions.

That would be unhealthy and inauthentic. But when we observe how our voice expresses what we are living, and how this affects us and others, we get a sense of how those knee-jerk reactions are really not necessary and we can let them go more easily.

Learning to bring our voice from a space of steadiness within us helps to raise the vibrations of our body. Rather than being grabbed by the emotional whirlwinds of life that tend to throttle our expression we can learn to express the true power of our authentic self.

And that is what Holistic Vocal Coaching is in a rather large nutshell.  Sharon is a life coach, singing teacher, naturopath and energy healing facilitator. Her work focuses on any expression from singing, presenting, managing people, teaching and coaching to dating and relating with teens or partners helping us to be our best selves and speak our own truth.

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Nicole King

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