Big Eyes Coin chirps & trills as its presale soars – Shiba Inu & Dogecoin whimper as BIG community prepares for launch!

Big Eyes Coin chirps & trills as its presale soars - Shiba Inu & Dogecoin whimper as BIG community prepares for launch!

As an investor, have you ever wondered how it felt to the Bitcoin community as they turned into millionaires overnight? If yes, then the Big Eyes Coin has an amazing opportunity for you. You can get to experience that feeling firsthand as Big Eyes Coin looks all set to compete with crypto giants like Bitcoin & Ethereum! The immense love that this new crypto coin is receiving from the investors’ audience during its presale alone depicts that this coin will achieve far more greatness once it officially launches on crypto platforms. Let’s learn more about this coin and how its presale success is sending out threats to other meme coin competitors like Shiba Inu & Dogecoin.

Up to 10,000% ROI with BIG Loot Boxes!

Amidst terrible market volatility, Big Eyes Coin is offering its community the opportunity to gain $BIG time! As part of its phenomenal presale, Big Eyes Coin launched the fascinating concept of loot boxes which keeps the fun alive! Loot boxes provide investors with randomised rewards that can prove to be fruitful for their crypto portfolios. Loot boxes can be purchased by the investors from the official Big Eyes Coin website and begin from as low as $10. However, even the cheapest loot box can provide investors with $5K worth of $BIG rewards! If this sounded insane to you, wait till you know about the ultimate loot box; Excali-Paw Chest, which costs $10K but can provide you with rewards up to $1M -this means nearly a 10,000% ROI!

A cheat code to get 300% more Free Loot Boxes!

If the loot box rewards enticed you, hear this; you can get 300% extra free loot boxes upon the purchase of $100! Yep, you read that just right! As part of the final presale surprises, Big Eyes Coin has launched a super limited-time vault pin ‘300’ that allows investors to gain three times more on the loot boxes! When you spend $100 on the BIG platform, either on BIG tokens or on loot boxes, you get not one, not two, but three free loot boxes worth your initial expenditure!

The main reason why the Big Eyes Coin community is growing by leaps and bounds is because of the irresistible financial gains that this crypto coin offers. Currently, this crypto coin is in its 12th presale stage and has already provided its early investors with a 390% return on investment! Loot boxes and vault pins are all additional cherries on the cake! Grab your BIG token today, or you’ll miss the opportunity to earn thrice more using the vault pin 300!

Dogecoin & Shiba Inu in deep waters

In recent crypto news, the dynamic duo SHIBE-DOGE seem to be in deep waters as they fail to show strong and stable gains. After the long chilly crypto season that started at the end of the year 2022, things are finally warming up as the cold is subsiding. Many cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRON and others are showing strong gains by as much as 14%, while Shiba Inu and Dogecoin are still struggling terribly. The SHIB community witnessed gains as low as 0.22% in the last 24 hours, while the DOGE community registered only 0.02% gains.

Things look quite unstable for these two meme coins currently. On the contrary, the Big Eyes Coin community is showing commendable stability as it gears up for its official launch. According to many crypto reports and based on the massive presale success, it is quite evident that the BIG cat is rapidly clawing to dethrone the top dogs and claim their spot in the crypto world! Become a part of this soon-to-be millionaire community today by grabbing your BIG tokens – and don’t forget to use the vault pin 300!

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