Steaks were high: Elche restaurant gives away more than 1000 free burgers

Crowds rushed to Aires Burger Bar in Elche after the restaurant launched a campaign offering free burgers to the first 1000 people through their doors. Photo credit: salvapachecosabater (via Instagram)

ELCHE was buzzing with excitement on Wednesday, March 15. A seemingly endless queue had snaked down past Glorieta, stretching more than 200 metres through the city centre. The queue was made up of people of all ages, from retired people to teenagers, all united in their quest for one thing – a free burger from Aires Burger Bar.

The restaurant launched an unusual publicity stunt, offering 1000 free burgers to the first people to come through their doors on Calle Hospital. The advertising move was in part designed to put the new burger joint on the map after they recently moved after being based in a tapas bar.

Restaurant representative, Luciano Todarello shared the thought process behind the unconventional scheme saying “We did it because we’re crazy! We wanted to do something different, to stand out from the crowd and create an impact. Giving away 100 burgers for free is great, but giving away 1,000 burgers is ten times better”.

Despite some initial concerns, the turnout was phenomenal. By 10:30pm, over 1,000 burgers had been given away, leaving satisfied customers with full stomachs and big smiles.