Mojácar’s Irish community celebrates St Patrick’s day with traditional Catholic mass

Mojácar’s Irish community celebrated their traditional roots with a mass for Saint Patrick’s Day. Photo credit: Ayuntamiento de Mojácar (via email)

MOJÁCAR’S Irish community came together to celebrate their beloved patron saint, Saint Patrick, in a vibrant and lively ceremony at Santa María Parish Church on Friday, March 17. The event was a true representation of the strong bond that the Irish Catholic community shares with Mojácar.

Mojácar Parish Priest, Víctor Manuel Fernández, led the mass, conducting the service in both English and Spanish to share the celebration with all in attendance. Other prominent members of the community attended the event, including councillors, who joined their Irish neighbours in celebrating this important festival.

Fernández retold the story of Saint Patrick’s life, bringing to life the story of his capture by Scottish pirates and subsequent enslavement in Ireland. After seven years of captivity, he managed to escape, only to return as a missionary, preaching the gospel and forming several Christian communities. He respected the traditions and customs of the people, and was known as Ireland’s patron saint, where he died of old age around the year 461.

The Irish community later continued their celebrations, bringing the streets to life with music, dance, and laughter as the community came together to celebrate their patron saint.