Music and sustainability strike perfect chord as Almeria plants 600 rosemary plants

Members of the community came together to plant rosemary plants in an Almería park while listening to beautiful classical music. Photo credit: Ayuntamiento de Almería

The sounds of music and the fragrant aroma of freshly planted rosemary blended perfectly in the Parque del Andarax as Almería City Council joined forces with the OCAL orchestra for their “Music and Sustainability” initiative on Sunday, March 19.

The event saw residents plant more than 600 rosemary plants, while being serenaded with tuneful melodies by more than 70 young musicians who are in the orchestra.

The Mayor of Almería, María del Mar Vázquez praised the initiative, which followed the “De La Tierra” concert held the previous day at the Maestro Padilla Auditorium, where guests received rosemary plants for free.

The Mayor expressed her gratitude to the OCAL for creating an initiative that combines music, families, and a love for nature. She praised all participants for their contribution to sustainability and highlighted the importance of raising awareness among all residents, particularly the younger generation, about conservation.

Organisers also congratulated members of the orchestra for an incredible performance, despite the challenges of playing outdoors.