Anís adventure: Lux Mundi’s fascinating excursion to Rute and Iznajar

A group of visitors from Lux Mundi in Torre del Mar were struck by the beauty of hillside village Iznajar with its blue ceramic pottery filled with beautiful flowers set against white buildings. Photo credit: Lux Mundi Torre del Mar (via email)

THE sun shone down brightly on a group from Lux Mundi in Torre del Mar as they set out on their coach excursion. The group were excited to explore new destinations on the trip, including Rute and Iznajar in Córdoba province.

After a brief refreshment stop, the group arrived in the town of Rute, which is renowned for its production of anís, a delicious Spanish liquor. Their first stop was a guided tour of the Anis museum, which housed a fascinating collection of ancient materials used to produce the iconic drink.

The group was captivated by the rich history and traditions of anís production, and were eager to try the drink for themselves. Next, the group was treated to a tasting of different flavoured anís and gins, before an opportunity to purchase some bottles to take home.

The group then headed to Iznajar. Nestled on a hill overlooking a vast reservoir on the Genil river, the village was a sight to behold. The group took some time to explore and admire incredible ceramics in the town before heading home.

Lux Mundi’s next trip will be to Loja in Granada, on Thursday, March 30.