Questions over whether Prince Harry LIED about his drug use to get US visa

Questions over whether Prince Harry LIED about his drug use to get US visa

Questions over whether Prince Harry LIED about his drug use to get US visa. Image:

QUESTIONS are being asked about whether Prince Harry lied about his drug use to get his US visa.

Prince Harry is once again under the spotlight as campaigners have demanded to know details about his US visa application regarding his admission of drug use, as reported by The Daily Mail.

In his autobiography ‘Spare’ and TV interviews, Harry confessed to taking cocaine, cannabis and magic mushrooms. He stated that marijuana and psychedelics were helpful following ‘trauma’ while cocaine was more a ‘social’ thing.

US officials have the power to deny foreigners who have committed drug offences from entering the country, even if they have never been arrested and charged. Previous high-profile cases have been referred to the US embassy where the individual is required to take a drugs test before being allowed into the country. Harsh penalties are also imposed for those lying to immigration officials.

The Heritage Foundation – a leading conservative movement –  is in communication with Washington DC officials who are so far refusing to give any details, citing the duke’s ‘privacy’.

Director of The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project, Mike Howell said, ‘This request is in the public interest in light of the potential revocation of Prince Harry’s visa for illicit substance use and further questions regarding the Prince’s drug use and whether he was properly vetted before entering the United States’.

The Heritage Foundation concluded that if border officials did know, then it raises suspicion over whether Harry was given special treatment, given his title and his wife’s status as a TV celebrity, which they strongly argue would be illegal.

In ‘Spare’ the duke, 38, revealed that he had first taken cocaine on a shooting weekend when he was 17. He also admitted to a ‘few more lines’ on other occasions, and smoking cannabis after his and Meghan’s first date.

It is widely suspected that Harry holds a O-1 visa given to people of ‘extraordinary ability’, lasting for three years, which means Prince Harry’s renewal could be due within a matter of weeks.

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