The World’s Most Beautiful Casino Architecture

The World’s Most Beautiful Casino Architecture

When it comes to great architecture, casino venues are not typically the first structures that spring to mind. The gaming meccas of Las Vegas and Atlantic City are often dominated by neon-dripped casino halls, which despite possessing a valuable aesthetic all of their own, are hardly quintessential examples of building design and construction.

Dig a little deeper into the realm of casino gaming, however, and you’ll find that there’s plenty of architectural inspiration to be found.

Casinos throughout time

Today, casino gaming is a core segment of the iGaming industry, which encompasses the whole roster of real money gaming and wagering activities. While most gamers visit platforms like SlotsLV from the comfort of home, rather than making the physical trip to a casino, this hasn’t always been the case. For hundreds of years, casinos and gaming salons were the European elite’s destination of choice, where they indulged in various traditional strategy games while mingling among the upperclassmen.

18th-century French salons were packed with the “well-heeled” aristocracy, with games like roulette and backgammon showcasing just how well-off the well-to-do were.

Now, of course, gambling is accessible to everyone, but in previous centuries, it was very much an indication of wealth, rank and class. Naturally, the bourgeoisie needed suitably lavish venues in which to show-off in, leading to the creation of some truly dazzling historical casinos.

The World’s most beautiful casinos

The following venues are stunning examples of world-class casino gaming destinations, spanning the centuries from the Belle Epoque masterpieces of old to the gleaming gaming palaces of East Asia.

Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco

During the mid-19th century, the Principality of Monaco was facing financial difficulties and needed a way to attract wealthy tourists and generate income. Prince Charles III of Monaco, who ruled the principality at the time, believed that a grand casino could help to revitalise the local economy and establish Monaco as a desirable destination for the rich and famous.

To achieve this goal, Prince Charles III enlisted the help of the renowned French architect Charles Garnier –  best known for designing the Paris Opera House – to design a lavish gaming venue. The resulting building was a stunning masterpiece that embodied the luxury and glamour of the Belle Époque era, with its ornate decorations and stunning grand façade.

Despite its masterful and opulent design, the Casino de Monte Carlo initially struggled to attract a steady stream of visitors. Monaco’s fortunes would change in the late 19th century, however, when the ruling Grimaldi family implemented a series of measures to make Monte Carlo a more attractive tourist destination. This included the construction of several luxury hotels, putting Monte Carlo in a position to host the most high-profile entertainment events in the European calendar.

Over the years, the Casino de Monte Carlo has become synonymous with glamour and luxury, attracting some of the world’s wealthiest individuals. It was even the inspiration for the casino at the centre of Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale and has served as a filming location for numerous Bond films throughout the decades.

The Ritz Club, London

An “all-time masterpiece” of hotel architecture, The Ritz Hotel in London is synonymous with high society and luxury. This neoclassical palace was designed by Charles Mewes and Arthur Davis for the renowned hotelier Charles Ritz. When it opened in 1906, it wowed British aristocrats with its lavish Louis XVI interiors and awe-inspiring façade.

For the first 53 years of its existence, the Ritz Club was actually used primarily as a ballroom in the hotel. However, during the 1970s, it was transformed into an exclusive members club catering to high rollers and the starriest of A-listers. In 1998, the club underwent a major renovation that transformed it into a luxurious modern gaming destination.

Throughout the years, The Ritz Club has seen a who’s who of high society walk through its doors, from Princess Margaret to Elton John and Sean Connery. The club even hosted some of London’s most prestigious events, including the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. It was renowned for its strict dress code and high-end atmosphere, with members being required to dress in formal attire as they tucked into the Michelin-starred cuisine and fine wines.

Sadly, the club closed its doors for the final time in 2020 following the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, it remains one of the world’s most glamorous gaming destinations.

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