Healthcare heights: Authorities reveal Estepona Hospital’s dazzling data

Estepona Hospital has a wide range of specialities providing comprehensive, quality health care to local residents. Photo credit: José María García Urbano (via Facebook)

ESTEPONA Hospital de Alta Resolución has hit several incredible milestones since opening less than one year ago. Local Mayor, José María García Urbano, announced on Tuesday, March 21 that the hospital has completed more than 117,000 medical procedures since it opened.

In a further impressive turn, the hospital’s surgical wing has carried out over 500 surgeries since opening just four months ago, including major and minor surgeries in specialties such as urology, orthopedics, general surgery, and gynecology.

Other data revealed by the council showed that the hospital’s emergency services have provided 24-hour care since July last year and have seen to more than 10,500 patients. The hospital’s outpatient clinics have also seen more than 48,000 patients, in a range of specialties from cardiology to gastroenterology and obstetrics.

This milestone is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the hospital’s staff and local government’s commitment to providing high-quality healthcare to its residents. The hospital’s gradual opening has continued as planned, with several services being offered online.

García Urbano thanked staff for their continued hard work at the hospital and highlighted the council’s determination to provide quality, modern healthcare.