‘Savouring memories’: Marbella Mayor recognises Clece’s hard work at book launch

Staff from Clece proudly present their recipe book ‘Savouring Memories’ at a presentation ceremony on Tuesday. Photo credit: Ayuntamiento de Marbella

THE Mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, recognised the essential services and hard work provided in Clece’s home care programme at a ceremony on Tuesday, March 21. Muñoz shared her gratitude and admiration for Clece staff for their caring services for elderly and disabled residents of Marbella.

The ceremony also provided the perfect setting for Clece to launch their book, “Savouring Memories” which features thirty recipes created by the care programme’s users.

Programme representative, Kader Djebbour explained that eight local service users’ recipes went into the book. Djebbour emphasised Clece’s goal as promoting active ageing and that everyday activities, such as cooking traditional dishes, can help users feel useful and independent. The recipes in the book were carefully selected to represent stories from users’ lives and to illustrate the special bond that develops between them and the programme’s staff members.

At the event, Muñoz promised to spare no effort in providing the best possible care for the nearly one thousand people in the region who depend upon the service. She thanked staff and highlighted the council’s 25 per cent increase in funding for the service.