Crypto News Flash: Bitcoin, Optimism, and Big Eyes are Top Cryptocurrencies to watch in 2023

Crypto News Flash: Bitcoin, Optimism, and Big Eyes are Top Cryptocurrencies to watch in 2023

Adding cryptocurrencies helps you easily track new developments. It also aids in preparation for a buying opportunity. In this article, you’ll be introduced to three hot cryptocurrencies that may wax stronger in 2023. These coins are Bitcoin, Optimism, and Big Eyes Coin.   Let’s start!

Bitcoin – make digital gold great again

We can only talk about cryptocurrencies by mentioning the pioneering coin. Bitcoin is the #1 cryptocurrency and the first ever to exist. Price changes to Bitcoin also reflect on the market generally. Hence, when considering coins to invest in, we should look at Bitcoin.

Bitcoin was created to tackle the issue of centralised payment systems. It brought about peer-to-peer payments and decentralisation. Safe to call Bitcoin the digital gold.

Many believe that Ethereum will overtake Bitcoin and become the #1 cryptocurrency. There is no doubt that Ethereum has pioneered many innovations in the blockchain ecosystem, but it may not likely happen in the short run.

Currently, Bitcoin is over 60% below its all-time high. Hence, an excellent opportunity to accumulate Bitcoins. Aside from that, Bitcoin halving is expected to happen any time from now. The Bitcoin halving is big fundamental news that may change the entire direction of the cryptocurrency market. All-in-all, it is a solid cryptocurrency worth buying.

What is Optimism?

Optimism is a layer-2 scaling solution that uses optimistic rollups to scale the Ethereum chain. It is no news that Ethereum is currently plagued with the issue of scalability, and it will take a long time to get the network to 10X its speed. However, with optimistic rollups built on top of the network, there’s more speed and fewer gas fees.

Optimism is a single-round fraud-proof optimistic rollup that helps scale dApps. If any solution works with Ethereum, it will also work on Optimism. It also implies scalability without sacrificing security and decentralisation. It is also EVM-compatible.

The protocol has been on the lips of crypto enthusiasts. Why? It has been working round the clock to grow its community proactively. Not long ago, there was a retroactive airdrop to community members that will serve as an encouragement to help increase the protocol’s transaction volume. Many are also expecting another airdrop, so the ecosystem has much activity.

In addition, the next stage of Ethereum’s development plan is the Shard. The Shard will foster optimistic rollups as they help better the Ethereum ecosystem. It is expected to happen in 2023 and may cause a ripple in the value of Optimism. Hence, Optimism tokens may soar high.

Big Eyes Coin – The Meme Coin for Cat Lovers

Big Eyes Coin is a meme coin for cat lovers. It is a crypto cathouse that will onboard the long neglected cat lovers to the crypto ecosystem. It is also a cute and intriguing cat meme that will capture the heart of cat lovers and crypto memes connoisseurs.

It is developing its NFT collections and leveraging hype to build the most beautiful NFT collection. To successfully onboard NFT degens, a gated NFT club will be made where users can get “cute cat things.” Big Eyes NFTs will be subject to royalties, indirectly implying that taxes will be charged. The tax is distributed to NFT creators, NFT holders, and a charity wallet.

Even though taxes will be charged on NFTs, they will not be on the BIG token. That ensures that users can trade their tokens without fear of losing them. Big Eyes Coin are yet to complete its token presale. You can check out the presale website to catch this unique token early.

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