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St Patrick´s Day

It was great to see so many events go on along the coast, it was a sea of green and Guiness hats around me. The laughter, the music, the fun. How it is great to be Irish on St Patrick´s Day. I wish there were more parades and activities but hopefully that will just come with time. The events obviously differ depending on what region you are in but wow did it seem to go well in Benalmadena, the Irish Association did really well to organise that, my cousin lives on the Costa del Sol and gosh was I jealous. I know where I´ll be going next year!

Susy, Mallorca

Mother’s Day

I had such a great Mother’s day and the fact that it coincidentally fell on Spanish father’s day, how great to be able to celebrate both parents on the same day! Great for celebration purposes killing 2 birds with one stone but my wallet felt it. We are originally from Birmingham and moved over here in 98 but we like to celebrate both UK and Spanish holidays, it can get a bit confusing at times but it is good so we’re Intune with home and the local culture.

Tony, Birmingham

Driving Licence’s

I CAN DRIVE AGAIN!!!! Nobody understands how excited I am that I can drive again. I can’t wait for the trips to the other regions bringing my dog and taking her out on the beaches. Living in the campo is great but with no real way of getting down and going places you can be restricted when you don’t have a car. Hopefully this process is nice easy and simple…. wouldn´t it be nice. Time to get the licence out of the safe and exchange it over. I wonder how different it will look in comparison to the UK one…

With love, Julie

Rental Prices

With the rental prices going up no wonder young people are finding it difficult to move out and go to university with the 8% increase here in Spain over a year I know how much it is affecting me and it is a genuine worry I have for my daughter. Her dream is to study in Madrid and by studying it also means living and I don’t know how it is going to work out. We need more help for the young ones studying, they should all be given the opportunity to study go to the university that they have been accepted to and just study – not have to work. But I am afraid that is what Ellie might have to do. Has anyone got any advice?

An expat not wanting to say bye.

The weather!

I can’t believe how spectacular it has been the weather the last few weeks and if anyone is reading and trying to figure out when to come to Spain, book your tickets now! I am getting photos and videos, my Facebook is filled with pictures of the snow back home but here it is gorgeous! I can’t get over it. 22 degrees and getting higher, I am excited for my tan to come back and to be able to swim in the pool and sea. That is something I will say though and be warned the pools and sea are still a bit nippy.


The Mediterranean Diet

After reading that article last week I totally agree, the lifestyle, food and more is something that has helped me a lot I was 2 stones heavier in the UK, rarely ever got out and it was too cold to walk throughout the winter months while over here it is the complete opposite. I have a quality of life over here and I am able to do and experience things I never would have thought possible. I go out, I am walking all the time and I have new friends.


Investment in Spain

The amount of FDI sent into Spain is amazing and I think this is something that should really be taken into consideration. The likes of Marbella being called the golden mile isn’t for nothing and the fact that there is constant and consistent investment says a lot and I think that the close by neighbourhoods are what will be built up next. Of course, people can say and do whatever they like about things but I think I will be putting some of my funds into a nice flat for me and the missus and even if we don’t see anything out of it well hopefully the kids do.

Thoughtful thinking from Jo

Dropping off

Well we always say nodding off over here and its typical for me to nod off to sleep in less than 5 minutes and apparently that means I am sleep deprived. I just sleep when I can and I think I do get the recommended hours I can. You know how people say about being something in a past life well I must have been an email that slept an awful lot, Sloth perhaps? Even after coffee I fall asleep, does it have that affect on anyone else? I am out like a light.

Too much sleep, Glenn

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