Harvard Professor to investigate Meteorite rock for possible alien origins


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Yes, it sounds like something out of a film, but Professor Avi Loeb from the Astrophysics department at Harvard University is about to head an expedition to the South Pacific to search for fragments of a meteorite that fell into the ocean back in 2014.

The Professor said “We have a ship. We have a dream team, including some of the most experienced and skilled professionals in ocean expeditions. We have the complete design and manufactured drawings for the required tracker, magnets, collection nets and mass spectrometer. And, most importantly we have the green light to proceed.”

The meteorite collided with the earth on 8 January 2014 at a speed of 45 kilometres per second. Due to friction with the air, it disintegrated into small fragments a hundred kilometres from the coast of Manus Island in Papua New Guinea.

At entry into the atmosphere, a huge fireball was created which was detected by US government cameras.

The team, which will try to locate the fragments 1,7, metres down on the ocean floor will then analyse the composition of the fragments to determine if it is of “natural or artificial origin.”

One of the possibilities he says is that the meteorite was ejected by a supernova star.

Professor Loeb is already the author of a book called Alien-Humanity at the first sign of intelligent life beyond Earth.

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