Spain shines European renewable energy leader, powering towards brighter future

The Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition’s effort to switch to renewable energy has paid off, with Spain now generating some of the highest solar energy rates in Europe. Photo credit: Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica y el Reto Demográfico (via Facebook)

SPAIN made strides in renewable energy use during 2022, cementing its position as a leader in Europe. According to the report on the electric system released by Red Eléctrica on Thursday, March 23, Spain has become one of the best-performing countries in the continent’s energy transition, only surpassed by Germany.

Spain also ranks third in the current total capacity of solar power, with Germany and the Netherlands occupying the top positions, while it ranks second in combined wind and solar energy production, behind Germany.

Thanks to Spain’s excellent efforts in the renewable energy sector, the country installed technology to boost renewable energy production by 5,900 MW in 2022. Of this, 4,500 MW were generated through solar panels, while wind technology generated 1,400 MW of energy.

Solar technology has finally taken centre stage in Spain’s electricity production after promising impressive potential for many years. Solar panels have also surpassed hydroelectricity in generating capacity, becoming the third-largest energy producer in Spain.

Spain’s renewable potential was crucial in supporting its European neighbours, affected by the Ukraine conflict and the ensuing energy supply tensions. Spain closed 2022 with its highest-ever export rates, also supporting France and Portugal.