Help the planet help you with Big Eyes, C+ Charge and Ethereum

Help the planet help you with Big Eyes, C+ Charge and Ethereum

Global warming has become a pressing issue over the years, and it has become apparent that time is running out to reverse it. Within the next six years, global warming will be permanent. Here are three cryptos doing their bit to help keep the planet stable.

Big Eyes: A cat that cares

Big Eyes is one of the most generous and kind cats in crypto right now, if not the only one! How many crypto platforms highlight the importance of global warming? Not many. Big Eyes cares so much about the planet that Big Eyes is personally reserving 5% of all $BIG to help save the oceans. A lot of the time, oceans are excessively polluted by harmful plastics and chemicals that cause a lot of damage, Big Eyes aims to stop this. After all, saving the fish saves its food.

Big Eyes’ objective in the cryptocurrency community has always been to give back.  This is why it has managed to make it its mission from the onset to come up with new and pleasant giveaways and awards for the people. Since the addition of loot boxes, Big Eyes has drawn in a lot of investors. And, as the big launch day nears, Big Eyes has declared its most generous giveaway to date. Using the bonus code: BULLRUN250, buyers will receive an additional 250% of the original cost when purchasing $BIG or a Loot Box.

C+ Charge: Cancelling Carbon Emissions

C+ Charge is a new innovative community payment method for charging stations for electrical vehicles that utilises blockchain technology. When it comes to traveling in the modern world, electric cars and vehicles are the least harmful and most environmentally friendly option. With so many people switching to electric vehicles due to concerns about climate change, it’s understandable.

Drivers can now receive rewards for participating in this programme. Each C+ Charge platform user will receive an electronic wallet that can be used to pay for EV charging anywhere in the world. The payment system is powered by the C+ Charge platform’s token, $CCHG. Using the app to make payments eliminates the need for a ‘point-of-sale’ system, lowering costs for charging station owners while rewarding users with carbon credits.

Ethereum: Low Energy Low Cost Blockchain

Ethereum is seen as the next generation of the Bitcoin (BTC), incorporating blockchain technology into crypto assets. Ethereum is a popular decentralised blockchain network powered by the Ether token. Many cryptocurrency platforms, however, host their tokens on the Ethereum platform. Ethereum used to rely on the ‘Proof-of-Work’ (PoW) consensus mechanism to secure the network, which is energy-intensive. However, Ethereum has recently switched to a ‘Proof-of-Stake’ (PoS) consensus mechanism that consumes significantly less energy.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG):





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