Ethereum and Dogecoin expect to rise, while Big Eyes have raised $32 million in its presale

Ethereum and Dogecoin expect to rise, while Big Eyes have raised $32 million in its presale

Crypto markets are buzzing with updates on top cryptocurrencies amid the banking crisis. Dogecoin is hoping for an uplift from Elon Musk’s backing, while investors in Ethereum are eagerly anticipating the Shanghai Upgrade. Leaving all of these aside, the newest meme, Big Eyes is creating a revolution in presale history. Investors looking for a promising investment opportunity in the quickly developing cryptocurrency market are taking notice of it as it has raised $32 million so far in its presale phase.

Ethereum’s Shanghai Update Set on April

The Shanghai upgrade wraps up Ethereum’s successful transition to a proof-of-stake (PoS) network that will enable the withdrawal of staked Ethereum coin (ETH). The Shanghai Update, also known as Ethereum 2.0, is a significant process that will increase the scalability, security, and sustainability of the Ethereum blockchain network. With this update, the validators will be permitted to withdraw the 16 million ETH staked in the network. The network started using validators rather than miners when Ethereum switched to a PoS consensus mechanism during an event known as the Merge. With the introduction of Ethereum 2.0’s beacon chain, validators were required to stake 32 ETH to authorize or add blocks to the blockchain. They were informed that their staked ETH and any rewards would remain locked until Shanghai Update.

The Shanghai upgrade will pave the way for Ethereum’s adoption and overall development, which may drive up the price.

Big Eyes in the Real Deal

Big Eyes (BIG) has emerged as a promising competitor in the crypto sphere. Despite being a meme coin, Big Eyes has established itself as an effective player in the market with its recent presale number. When BIG officially launches in 2023, it will mark a turning point in the firm’s quest to establish itself as a leading meme cryptocurrency. The project has already raised over $32 million in just 12 phases of its presale, which demonstrates the faith that investors have in it. As a result, it is anticipated that Big Eyes’ demand will continue to rise in the upcoming months as the wider cryptocurrency community adopts and accepts it.

Big Eyes prioritise all active members and values engagement in the cat community. It sets itself apart by promoting honest communication between users and other community members. Big Eyes aim to provide access to more content and events by creating a blockchain ecosystem that self-propagates for hyper-growth using NFTs. The top ten NFT collections will bring joy to the feline community and value to the token. Additionally, any money earned from NFT events will be used to decide whether or not to burn the tokens.

Big Eyes Basis

Big Eyes, a cryptocurrency with a cat theme and an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum, seeks to transfer wealth to the decentralised financial ecosystem. As a result, the platform will initially validate its transactions using the PoS consensus protocol. Additionally, the coin has a 2-year liquidity lock once it goes live. These elements work together to give the Big Eyes coin a high energy efficiency score.

Dogecoin Hoping for Elon’s Boost

In recent months, Dogecoin, which began as a joke but has since amassed a sizable following, has gone through ups and downs, reaching an all-time high in May before falling precipitously. Some Dogecoin holders may be hoping for Elon Musk’s support because of the impact his tweets about the cryptocurrency have on its price.

In the past, Musk has greatly influenced the price of Dogecoin, even calling himself the “Dogefather”. Additionally, he tweeted a picture of Dogecoin as the CEO of Twitter at the start of 2023, which raised the price by at least 5%. With a total market cap of $10,243,497,187, Dogecoin (DOGE), whose market capitalisation has increased by 9.03% over the last seven days, is still widely utilised by the cryptocurrency industry.

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